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Professor Charles Ogletree Flunks Racism 101

Professor Charles Ogletree, Harvard, thinks the use of the word professor in a political oontext is racist,  Inside Higher Education [1]:

If the term professor is used in politics, it’s seldom a compliment, and instead “implies dry, hectoring, unemotional, self important, all of the negative stereotypes of somebody who is vainly certain of his own superior mental capacities but doesn’t have a human connection,” says Nunberg, author of The Years of Talking Dangerously [2]and a frequent contributor to NPR’s “Fresh Air.”

Interesting argument, but not the least bit relevant.  Barack Obama has repeatidly claimed to have been a professor of constitutional law.   Yet Obama displays utterly no understanding of the Constitutional of the United States.    No respectable institution of higher learning would have hired an uneducated fool like Obama to teach anything.

As Obama has claimed to have been a professor, we are entitled to call him a professor.    That’s the way it is  Professor Ogletree.    Obama made his bed, he may not lie in it.