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Cleveland Greyhound station @ 3:45 in the morning.  Clearly, the place is a vision of pre WWII style.  I’ll post some pics when I get the chance.

and you know, if it were 345 in the afternoon, instead of it’s AM counterpart I might actually care.

Addendum: (David L)

I noticed the Obama administration is  wasting billions on speed rail.   Locally we taxpayers are going to spend some one hundred fifty million dollars to construct a high speed rail corridor between Churchville and Byron.  I am so impressed.

In the the meantime, Greyhound keeps taking passengers to destinations no other mass transit providers serves, at prices no other service can match.   I’ve done the Greyhound thing.   It does wear at your patience, but it does get you there and does not leave you broke.

Oh Eric, is Cleveland still the Mistake by the Lake?