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The Gun Double Standard

I notice today a rather remarkable report on the wires this morning from the NY Times: [1]

Three faculty members at the University of Alabama in Huntsville were shot to death, and three other people were seriously wounded at a biology faculty meeting on Friday afternoon, university officials said.

The Associated Press reported that a biology professor, identified as Amy Bishop, was charged with murder.

According to a faculty member, the professor had applied for tenure, been turned down, and appealed the decision. She learned on Friday that she had been denied once again.

Amazingly, none of the stories I have found online about this incident this morning has mentioned any political affiliation that Amy Bishop might have. None.¬† Why is that amazing? Well, because¬† we see just yesterday on the The Talking Points Memo website, [2]yesterday (…and on about 80% of the left-o-sphere via Memeorandum…) talking about how….

The Massachusetts man charged this week with stockpiling weapons after saying he feared an imminent “Armageddon” appears to have been active in the Tea Party movement, and saw Sarah Palin, who he said is on a “righteous ‘Mission from God,'” as the only figure capable of averting the destruction of society.

As we reported [3] yesterday, Gregory Girard, a Manchester technology consultant, was found with a stash of military grade weapons, explosive devices including tear gas and pepper ball canisters, camouflage clothing, knives, handcuffs, bulletproof vests and helmets, and night vision goggles, say police. They believe Girard, who pleaded not guilty at his arraignment, was “preparing for domestic and political turmoil,” and feared martial law would soon be imposed.

Message to Zachary Roth: Since Girard hasn’t killed anyone, or even injured them, despite this suppsoedly “massive” stockpile or weapons, and Amy Bishop HAS killed and injured, despite having only ONE weapon, why are you not examining HER politics and laying THEM bare for all to see, I wonder?¬† Can it be since she’s a University professor it’s lead pipe cinch that she’s a leftist, and you’d rather not make that association in public?