Chuckles the Clown, b/k/a Senator Charles Schumer likes to think of himself as both the smartest man in the room and the political king maker of the Empire State.   Evidently Harold Ford, Jr,  late of Tennessee, did not get the memo.   Ford seems to  gearing up to challenge Chuckles hand picked toady Kirsten Gillibrand, from Ben Smith, Politico:

Harold Ford’s bid for Senate just got a little more serious: He’s hired a spokesman, and — I’m told — brought on board Mike Bloomberg’s campaign manager and pollster to help with his bid.

It seems the hard left is taking Ford seriously, David Dayen, Fire Dog Lake:

Kirsten Gillibrand was viewed warily when she entered the Senate, but her record has been pretty solid and she’s spoken out on LGBT issues. Harold Ford, OTOH, voted for most of the George W. Bush agenda in the House, banked Joe Lieberman after he lost to Ned Lamont and was running for Senate as an independent, and voted to intervene in the Terri Schiavo case. Just reviewing Gillibrand and Ford’s House records side-by-side, it’s no contest. Not to mention the fact that Wall Street is essentially trying to buy a Senate seat (as if they don’t have enough already).

Anybody who can inspire the wrath of Jane Hamsher, merits a mention.

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