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  • FIRST, A PERSONAL NOTE: I’d like to take a moment to thank those who wrote me after I made mention of my impending career change. Your comments, your thoughts and your smiles are worth their weight in gold.  For those who don’t know, I’ve started myself down the road of driving 18 wheels for a living.  I’ve spent most of 20 years in IT, but that role has become unstable in the Obama economy. So, I reinvent to stay at the same pay level I had in my former career. This will be the third reinvention if you will… after having spent a years in the radio business and as a mobile DJ.  I had some fair successes in both roles,  and I’m proud of my time in both fields. I must say, I never figured on another major career change at 52, but there it is.   I’ll be on the road and drawing mileage pay around the 2nd week of the new year.  My blogging ability will be somewhat limited at that point, until I get a mobile rig that will allow me to access the web as I’m used to. You can understand the expense involved at getting such a rig.   I have one company who is already interested in hiring me, and who has ‘pre-hired” me already… Meaning, that is soon as I got my license, I have a job.  That’s a good feeling to know. I have only small understandings of the parameters of the job, but I gather that I will be driving mostly in the northeast.  I will do my best to keep this website up to date.  Obviously, with all the schedule changes and job role changes, that’s going to be a problem for a while, particularly starting the first of the year.  I’m going to ask that our readers bear with these issues until I get my Internet access from the road dealt with. I get the impression, that once I get that hurdle jumped, I will actually have more time to devote to this web site.  But I have to get settled, first. That said, you really won’t start noticing any major changes to the way this blog gets updated, until the first of the year, if at all.  I will keep you posted as best I can.
  • RESOLVING NOT TO RESOLVE: President Obama and his speech with regards to Afghanistan yesterday, was nothing if not irresolute .  He knows very well where the central core of the problem is, and refuses to deal with it for fear of upsetting his leftard base. you know he knows where the problem is, because of the rather precise way he dances around it.  James Toranto this monring, agrees, saying in part:

    It sounds as though, after months of indecision, the president has finally resolved to be irresolute. It seems that his central strategic goal is to displease no one.

    (Dry chuckle) There is a universal truth involved with this, that those watching cannot help but pick up on; By two means can you build a consensus.  By leadership, and by bending over frontward to try and accommodate everybody.  The latter is a surefire way to move nowhere, to change nothing. I think it’s fairly well established that Obama is no leader. Apparently, others are starting to pick up on that as well….

  • BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD: Remember how one of the major reasons we made “The One” President was so the countries around the world would like us again Peter Wehner says it didn’t work. The really shocking line, here?

    On almost every front, progress is nonexistent. In many instances, things are getting worse rather than better. The enormous goodwill that Obama’s election was met with hasn’t been leveraged into anything useful and tangible. Rather, our allies are now questioning America’s will, while our adversaries are becoming increasingly emboldened. The United States looks weak and uncertain. It’s “amateur hour at the White House,” according to Leslie Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former official in the Carter administration. “Not only are things not getting fixed, they may be getting more broken,” according to Michael Hirsh at Newsweek. When even such strong Obama supporters as Gelb and Hirsh reach these conclusions, you know things must be unraveling.

    Gelb in particular for my money is the starkest response here. Consider consider what is required for anyone connected with the Jimmy Carter Disaster, to be calling anyone incompetent.

  • GOING NUNBER ONE: Going Rogue: An American Life is now number one on the NY Times bestseller list.  It’s interesting. She’s supposed to be an idiot, with no political impact whatever. Looking down the list, I see Mitch Albom’s  Have a Little Faith at number three. Clinging to guns and religion again, eh? Glenn Beck’s Arguing with Idiots is number four. Mike Huckabee’s A Simple Christmas is number 5.  Andrew Sorkin’s “Too Big to Fail” number 10 and so on. Does this collection of works so high on the list of best sellers,  say anything about the political mood of the country, I wonder? Of course tehre’s still people out there who wonder if those on the right can actually read. The list would seem to speak to that, as well.
  • ramble-airlinerTHE GLOBAL WARMING SHAM EXPOSED… I must say that I can think of no greater exposure to the truth of the matter surrounding the global warming she am then watching its proponents flying their private jets into the winter dance at Copenhagen.  The degree of hypocrisy that we see surrounding the global warming religion is going to be exposed in all its glory as we ponder the specter of the officials at Copenhagen Airport scrambling to find enough parking space for all the private jets from the conference attendees.  The always great Mark Steyn examines the hypocrisy in these people,  in some detail today.
  • NOTE TO CHARLES JOHNSON: Charles, I must say I was disappointed but not entirely surprised to see you complete your descent into the realm of Andrew Sullivan Lite, this monring.  Let’s be honest about this; you parted ways with the right because some on the right felt that you needed some correction.  One of the hardest things that humans can face is that they might actually be wrong.  We faced that problem around here, often enough.  You, apparently, never have.  You prefer instead to break out the label gun , calling for example Roberts Stacy McCain, a fascist.  That’s a label so when applicable to the man has to be laughable, if it didn’t make you look so outright stupid.  I must admit a certain level of pity for you, your entire problem revolves around the fact that you can’t take criticism, from anybody.  Rather than accept the criticism and move on, you immediately assume … as so many libtards do… that anyone who questions anything about what you say is an enemy, and should be treated as such.  In all of this there appears to be one thing that you have not considered ; that is that things posted on the Internet and to stay around for awhile, even when you remove them from your site.  The very things that you are now complaining about, exist by the acre in your very own archives.  All I can say is, enjoy your newfound status as a target. And just think, the whole thing could have been avoided, had you made a simple admission that you were wrong.  (shrug) And by the way… does anyone find it passing strange that with this transition to Leftardville, the name of Johnson’s site is now admirably  accurate in its description?

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