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ramble-nearzeroI hear it’s cold… VERY cold in Montanna.  So, in honor of their freezing their backsides off up there, I’ll post this pic of the Nightly Ramble Regional Headquarters somewhere outside Glasgow. (Snicker)

By the time you read this, I’ll be driving the School’s truck for the first time, as I make the transition from IT pro to driving pro.  But let’s look around the political landscape before I worry about that much, OK?

  • A DAY WHICH SHALL LIVE IN INFAMY: Of course, I’m referring to December 7, 1941.  I still marvel at the comparisons that have been drawn by several over the years between that event at pearl harbor, and the events of the world trade center and the pentagon and in that Pennsylvania field on September the eleventh, nine years ago.  I suppose that in the world of 1941, we as a nation could be forgiven for underestimating the power of those sworn enemies we had in that day to attack us directly. America of 1941 was very strong.  We had a military that was second to none in that day, and there were all shins that between us and our sworn enemy.  Not many considered that such an enemy would have the ability to cross those Alicia’s in order to attack us.Pear Harbor, Battleship Row, the USS Arizona, December 7th, 1941 It was a lesson that cost us many lives, and some of the victims of that underestimation of our enemy still lie under the water at Pearl Harbor, nearly 70 years on. September 11th, is also a day in which America paid the price for underestimating its enemy.  As with Pearl Harbor, there were many who considered that the chances of being attacked by a group of ragtag fourteenth century throwbacks, was so small as to not be worrisome.  Of course, that turned out to be the wrong answer.  Alas, that it doesn’t take very long for corporate think so prevalent in the American left to on the basis of time conclude that we’re no longer in danger from attacks by our sworn enemy.  Given the power that those who think that way now have, I can’t help but consider the idea that they and their wishes to withdraw from the field of battle against our sworn enemy will prevail, thus leaving us open for yet another attack.  In short, I fear the return to the September 10 mentality that the left has all too often shown in this country the last ten years or so.  The America of the late forties and early fifties could afford to think that they were once again say from their enemy , having defeated them.  Or, could they?  America no more than caught its breath from world war two , when they found themselves embroiled in the Korean conflict, and communist expansionism .  The lessons of the decade from 1941 to 1951 in terms of foreign policy and defense policy are clear.  The question becomes, whether not we as Americans are willing to apply those lessons to worker situation.  Speaking for myself, I suggest we had better do so.  That is, assuming our survival is on the menu.
  • HEALTHCARE AND THE ECONOMY… & JOBS: Boortz gets it, saying it simply and directly….. The best quick move to improve the economy is…

    … For Democrats to announce that they’re abandoning all attempts at health care “reform” until the economy is back on its feet. People – knowledgeable people – are scared to death about what these Democrats may dream up. If they stick with this scheme it just cannot end well.

    Just so. But you know they’re not going to back down.  See, saving the economy is not what they’re about. They’re after more power for government, and thereby for themselves. Obama was up on the hill over the weekend trying to salvage the socialist wet dream of government healthcare. Bloomberg:

    Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama heads to the U.S. Capitol to press Senate Democrats to agree on health legislation as lawmakers struggle to resolve disputes over issues including a proposed government-run insurance plan.

    Democrats met throughout yesterday to seek an alternative to Senate Majority Harry Reid’s plan to create the new national program to cover the uninsured. Opposition within his party leaves Reid at risk of falling four votes short of the 60 he needs to pass the legislation, the most sweeping overhaul of the nation’s health-care system in more than four decades.

    At risk, hell. There’s only one thing this visit shows….The Democrats  simply don’t have the votes, and they know it, else Obama wouldn’t be up there trying to twist arms, and trying with that “Jobs Summit” the other day, to separate the two issues. He’d rather we didn’t see clearly that the reason jobs aren’t happening and jobs are going away is government with Democrats in power is growing.   The reason they don’t have the votes is simple; The American people are starting to rise up and say government intervention they don’t want… particularly if it raises taxes on an already overburdened economy. And sending the message also, that assuming he doesn’t get that message clearly and act accordingly, there won’t be Democrats in power in Washington past the next election.

  • TOO STUPID? Look, gang… this is not now to gain voters. Klein is perhaps one of the most dishonest the left has to offer,  but this really shows the underlying contempt for the American people. The message being sent here is that the only people that don’t agree with the government takeover of health care are too stupid to understand it.   The bandwagon argument with spiked baseball bats.
  • THE SHAM AT COPENHAGEN: It’s starting this monring and in just the manner I told you it would the other day… From Drudge, this morning:

    Spews More CO2 than 60 Countries do in Entire Year -- COMBINED...

    I was going to add comments to that, but I really don’t think I need to.  It appears from here that the hypocrisy involved with these people can speak for itself quite clearly.  Just as I said it would.  And should I mention that the prostitutes in Copenhagen … and by that, I mean the individuals who offer sexual contact for money, not just those who are pushing the global warming mantra… are doing a land office business ? ( Message to Michael Schlesinger…. Gutter reportage, my ass. Your problem is that the reportage is too accurate for your comfort. My advice to you is get used to it.)

  • MAX BAUCUS: So, the chairman of the senate finance committee, recommends his girlfriend for appointment as U.S. attorney in his home state.  I’ll bet you haven’t even heard this story.  There’s a reason for that.  The senator involved is a Democrat.
  • FREE TRIPS: Before we come down to hard on Senator Baucus and his girlfriend,  perhaps it’s time to look closely at those who would sit in judgment of him should it ever get to that. I’d like you to notice something in the story.  In the opening blurb, the story mentions the first a Republican then a Democrat and then another Republican as having transgressed those laws.  I suppose, to the New York Times, this is “fair and balanced. ” The fact is that the majority of those running afoul of those laws are Democrats.  They also have me be the ones in power, and are therefore running the ethics committee’s in their respective houses.  Notice also that the one topic that the story does not touch is  Charlie Rangel.
  • WE’RE NOT OUT OF THE WOODS YET: Apparently, this is going to be the story that simply will not die.  Leaving aside the idea that this guy is married to a super model, has a couple of kids, and so on.  The one and that he was supposedly chatting with, as we found out several days ago, was not the only one.  According to the scandal sheets, the count is now a six women who are claiming , that they, too, were involved with Mr. Woods.  At this stage of the game, we’re going to have to admit that at least some of this has to be “me too” syndrome.  After all, there is a pretty substantial amount money involved.  Wherever there’s money, their scandal.  Even absent any sex.  That said, however the, I really have to win this is being pushed as hard as it is, because of the misdeeds in Washington that our press would rather not cover.  Makes a nifty little diversion, don’t you think?
  • BIRTHDAT WISHES: Today they go out to Melissa Clouthier
  • PERSONAL NOTES: My response to the Obama Economy proceeds apace.  Today, barring any unforseens, I’ll be driving the Trucking school rig for the first time.  The schedule as it now stands has me graduating from the place on or about January the 5th,  and going through the training program of my new employer for about another 4 weeks total, and then getting my own truck come February.  With any luck, I’ll be able to post from the road in short order, since I’m attempting to get a laptop together with an air card.  We’ll see how long that takes.

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