So why did the Associated Press Fact Checker cross the street?   Answer: We don’t know.   No AP “Fact Checker” is smart enough to find a street, much less cross it> From a purported AP Fact Check of Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rouge:

PALIN: Says Obama has admitted that the climate change policy he seeks will cause people’s electricity bills to “skyrocket.”

THE FACTS: She correctly quotes a comment attributed to Obama in January 2008, when he told San Francisco Chronicle editors that under his cap-and-trade climate proposal, “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” as utilities are forced to retrofit coal burning power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Obama has argued since then that climate legislation can blunt the cost to consumers. Democratic legislation now before Congress calls for a variety of measures aimed at mitigating consumer costs. Several studies predict average household costs probably would be $100 to $145 a year.


It took the AP eleven writers to come up with that gem.    Yet no amount of attempted Obama walk back, no amount of concocted studies can change what Obama said, to wit that Cap and Tax would cause electric rates to “skyrocket.”     The fact is that Obama said it….  and likely, believed it.

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