Byron York raises an interesting point:

The extraordinary thing about the dramatic events surrounding the health care bill in the Senate is that there was any drama at all. Lawmakers were simply voting to begin debate on the Democratic version of health care reform.  Just begin debate — not end it, and not move on to a final vote.

Byron York

Byron York

If Democrats, with a 60-vote majority in the Senate, had not been able to begin debate on the top Democratic policy priority in a generation — well, that would have been a devastating turn of events, both for the party and for President Obama. And yet just starting debate proved difficult, and only on the last day did the 60th Democratic vote fall in place in favor of beginning the process.

I asked a high-ranking Republican Senate source whether it was really that hard to get the Democratic votes together. Could it have been a media-fed story, with reporters looking to inject some unwarranted drama into the proceedings? No, I was told. “It really was that hard for them to get to 60 just to proceed,” the source said. “Very telling.”

And judging by the statements of four moderate Democrats — Lieberman, Lincoln, Landrieu, and Nelson — it will be far, far harder when the process comes to the really important vote, the one that would bring debate to a close and move on to an up-or-down vote on the Democrats’ health care plan. On Saturday, all four of those Democrats publicly threatened to side with Republicans and kill the bill before it can move to a final vote, unless their concerns are met

I suspect that at least some of this is media fed, anyway. The press will never pass up an opportunity in their efforts to make the left look good, after all… that’s a factor we’ve seen at work time and again.

That said, York has a point, and it bottom lines at a place I’ve been writing to for months, now;  They’re never going to get this monster through the Senate.  The reason is as I said yesterday… the voters are catching onto the fact that they’ve been had.

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