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What We have Here is a Failure to Comprehend

Radicial Islam has been waging war on the United State at least since 1993.

Claudia Rosett [1]

Claudia Rosett

Yet the dim one, b/k/a President Barack Obama continues to find attacks against in and against our country to be “incomprehensible.”    Claudia  Rosett, Forbes [2], try to clear the fog from Obama’s min:

There’s been plenty of debate about President Barack Obama’s omission of the word “terrorism” when he spoke Tuesday at Fort Hood to honor the 13 Americans shot to death and dozens wounded last week by a Muslim army psychiatrist, Nidal Hasan. More broadly troubling to my mind is a word that Obama did use: “incomprehensible.”


In that context, the death dealt out on a routine day, in deepest America, by the hand of someone yelling “Allahu Akbar,” is not only comprehensible, but a predictable feature of this war against the United States. We may not know exactly where or on which day the next attack will occur, or with what weapons.  But this is a war of many dimensions, in which ideas preached in one part of the globe can translate swiftly into murder–more aptly known as terrorism–in another.

The fact that Rosett can and does comprehend the nature of Major Hason attack proves that the incident is not incomprehsnible,  at lesat to anybody with functining gray cells and rudumentary knowledge of recent history.     If we ear to take the did one at his word, hi lacks the knowledge of history nad the active gray matter to underst and that his country is under attack, and had been for the last siixteen years.

Hat tip:  Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit [3].