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TOTUS Steps on It, Yet Again

Rssty and the Jawa Report crew are calling the Fort Hood murders a terror attack [1].

Neither Clarice Feldman, nor Linda Chavez are impressed by the moron in  chief lame remarks pertaining the Fort Hood murde s, from American Thinker [2]:

Our clueless C in C

Twelve soldiers were murdered in cold blood at Fort Hood. Thirty others were wounded. Our Commander in Chief calls a press conference and begins it with a long thanks to the Interior Department and Indians who just concluded a conference and then gives a good natured “shout out” to an attendee , all with a studied nonchalance, before he even mentions the outrage on our military base.

Linda Chavez calls it “Obama’s pet goat moment.”

The video:

Neither is Good Lt, impressed more Jawa [3]:

Obama Can’t Tell Difference Between Congressional Medal of Honor and Congressional Gold Medal

The soldiers and families of our soldiers at Fort Hood are at the forefront of American minds and but a mere after thought for Obama.

A look back at  how a President addressed a national tragedy, video:

“And touched the face of God.”