There are lots of conflicting reports on the number of victims of  Nidal Malik Hasan and his bloody ramage at Ft Hood yesterday.  the most reliable reports that I’ve found suggest that there’s 13 dead as of this morning and some 30 others are hospitalized.

As usual, I didn’t bother trying to keep up with the moment to moment developments on the story, because there were far too many differing reports and frankly my ability to keep up with them was somewhat limited yesterday, in any event. It seemed pointless to be to simply parrot whatever we were being told, however inaccurate it was .  so, I sat back and waited until the dust settled.  That means commenting on this this morning.  This blog, is mostly a commentary, in any event.  Not a news source.

This story brings into sharp relief questions about mixed loyalties and how our government should be handling them, both inside the military and without. It’s my view , at this point that this moron should be tried by the Texas state authorities, and not the military, for one reason and one reason only; the military in this case probably would not execute him.  Texas, on the other hand, would put in in the express lane.

There are cultural aspects to this event, which are central to understanding and preventing it. Billy apparently agrees, noting yesterday:

This is culturally important, ladies & gentlemen.  In some ways, this is much worse than an attack by foreigners.

Billy also points out that there seems an awful lot of double talk going on surrounding this event.  He’s right, of course.   Certainly some of it involves the typical CYA. but frankly, to my eye a goodly amount of it involves the politically correct atmosphere in which our military is forced to work these days.   The man has been known to be a problem for at least six months, and yet the military and it’s politically correct atmosphere imposed by far too much liberalism from the commander in chief decided in its infinite wisdom to transfer the man into a hot zone.  Ironically, in the mechanization as of the system , is being a problem was precisely why he was being deployed in the first place.

There will be some heads ruling on this one, rest assured.  Rest assured also however that they won’t be the correct ones. And of course being politically challenging, it does seem likely that we’ll be prevented from addressing, publicly, the cultural and religious connections here, as causal

Look, I will be among the first to tell you that vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people.  They would no more do what this moron did than you or I would.  At the same time, there’s no denying that the vast majority of attacks against Americans, and American interests, are perpetrated by Muslims. It seems foolish to me that that is the one area of all of this that has not been addressed by are supposedly security minded government.  It’s the same nonsense that has us strip searching 85 year old grandmothers at airports.  This kind of thing is going to continue happening until such time as we get a handle on that aspect of it, and face it directly.

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