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Ralph Peters: Obama’s Ft Hood Speech Was Bull

The purpose of an Army has been described as kill people and break things.   As such people who excel at leading units dedicated to such tasks, killing people and breaking things, are not noted for nuance.   Case in point,  William T. Sherman:  [W]ar is Hell.  Ralph Peter, Lt.  Colonel, United States Army (retired) was none to impressed by the moron-in-chief”s, b/k/a President Barack Obama,  speech at the Fort Hood memorial service, video:

Hat tip:  Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit [1].

The Colonel calls them as it sees them, and what he called Obama’s speech was bull shit.
Charles Krauthammer, does not use the same word a Colonel Peters, but reachs much the same conclusion, video:

I note Dr.  Krauthammer is not only a pundit he also a board-certified psychiatrist.  While all Muslims do not believe that killing non-believers is acceptable, a sizable faction does believe in killing non-believers.   Major Hasan was not practicing a incomprehensible belief.   Rather, he was putting deeds to the words that a sizable number of Muslims believe.  Maybe not all Muslims are our enemies, but some clearly are.