After the DNS servers figured out where we were after the change of sever, I started beating up on this new configuration. routersAs it turns out, the Apache hosted system we’re on now is about twice as fast as the Microsoft-based system we were on…. and that’s even before adding the various speedups, involving DB cache and page cache and so on.

We’re having a few issues with the editor just now, or at least I am… it seems to be having problems with the upload/insert graphics functions, which means I’m back to coding ghrapics into pages by hand. Pain in the butt. I’m not sure what that’s about as yet. I’m looking at it.

Other than that glitch we do appear to be at 100%.

Update: The grahics uploads are now working again, for the moment. Looks like that subsystem doesn’t like one of the cache programs I threw at it. Now it’s down to which one. I’ll play with them one at a time over the next few days and we’ll see.