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Obama’s Election Night?

Barack Obama [1]

Barack Obama

Barack Obama vintage 2006, as attributed by Jeff Zeleny, New York Stimes [2]:

“My goal is every candidate I campaign for, I want to win — every single candidate,” said Mr. Obama, who at the time was a freshman senator and had just finished traveling coast-to-coast on behalf of Democrats.

With a smile, he looked directly into the camera and said: “I love elections! It’s so much fun. It’s even more fun when you’re not on the ballot.”

It’s only fun, of course, if you win. And on Tuesday, his candidates did not.

Obama vintage Tuesday,  as attributed by Jimmy Orr, Christian Science Monitor [3]:

[Bobby] Gibbs was asked if the president watched the returns last night. He replied no.

What inner discipline and strength of character the one must have.  Our narcissist president makes six campaign trips to New Jersey and Virginia to support Jeff Corzine and Creighton Deeds and then is indifferent to the effect of his campaigning.

That Obama spent Tuesday evening watching a basketball game mean  that he has decided on a strategy for his war of necessity in Afghanistan, or how to solve the unemployment crisis?