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  • SCOZZAFAVA AND THE LEFT: I guess it should not be surprising at all, to see leftists still trying to control the GOP by means of mislabeling such as Dede Scozzafava as a ‘moderate’.  Certainly, from their point of view she is considered a moderate, since she seems to be pliable on many of their issues.  Trouble is, what we end up with as a result of such mislabeling the is people like John McCain and Chris Shays and Lincoln Chafee being similarly mislabled as “conservative”. the end result of such mislabeling is invariably that the entire stage gets tilted left, which can only benefit the left and their agenda.  we’ve been seeing it in some amounts since the most recent election on a daily basis.But now, along comes the Washington Post’s Jason Horowitz to explain to us how unfair it’s been that Republcians who have gotten tired of having their agenda constantly re-defined by the left, have been calling Dede Scozzafava, correctly, what she is: A liberal.

    Over Halloween weekend, Dede Scozzafava morphed from a rosy-cheeked Republican mom to a political figure of speech.

    “My name’s a verb now,” she said.

    A little-known state assemblywoman with moderate Republican views and a mouthful of a surname, Scozzafava’s bid for an open seat in New York’s 23rd Congressional District drew trash talk from conservative leaders hoping to purge her from the party, mash notes from White House-dispatched Democratic suitors that included Bill Clinton, and the unblinking gaze of political professionals fascinated by her role as the problem child for a dysfunctional Republican Party.

    By labeling it as dysfunctional, what the left is attempting to do here is to keep the Republican Party dysfunctional as a conservative party, and keep them functioning as “Democrat Lite”. And in case you think the Democrats aren’t going all out on this…

    The conservative movement’s third-party candidate, Doug Hoffman, expected her support but, she said, the newcomer accountant “had no integrity.” Plus, the Democrats were so nice! They called. They sympathized. They made her feel good about tossing her support to Bill Owens, who — with her help — became the area’s first Democratic representative in more than a century.

    Well, when someone is not bound to conservative principles, that kind of feel-good will turn their heads. This is what conservatives are up against, people. And we’re going to continue to see more of this kind of manipulation used against us.

  • MORE ON FT. HOODDorothy Rabinowitz at The Wall Street Journal:

    Dorothy Rabinowitz

    To those not terrorized by fear of offending Muslim sensitivities, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s motive was instantly clear: It was an act of terrorism by a man with a record of expressing virulent, anti-American, pro-jihadist sentiments. All were conspicuous signs of danger his Army superiors chose to ignore.What is hard to ignore, now, is the growing derangement on all matters involving terrorism and Muslim sensitivities. Its chief symptoms: a palpitating fear of discomfiting facts and a willingness to discard those facts and embrace the richest possible variety of ludicrous theories as to the motives behind an act of Islamic terrorism. All this we have seen before but never in such naked form.

    Of course, the cause of that change is equally clear; The new power structure in Washington DC, which so many Muslim radicals and others (Such as Hugo Chavez and other communist dictators around the globe)  wishing for the destruction of the United States, have been so vocal in support of.  What we have here is a combination of political correctness in it’s purest form, made all the more potent by the addition of a political movement that wants desperately to add validity to it’s pre-election claims about how Muslim radicalism is not a threat to us, even in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary.
    Now, as to how this comes about because of the new ‘leadership’, let’s turn to Dan Riehl:

    Now, over to Instapundit for a particular word that caught my eye last night. It’s from someone exposed to his presentations. Keyword “we”. Evidently a room full of other officers should have been fully aware that there was something terribly wrong and it seems at least some were. But not the intelligence area? That terminology is an oxymoron at this point.

    Well, look; Let’s consider that the intel folks are working based on reports from officers like those in the room he mentions.  Those officers are prevented from reporting common sense issues like this one by a culture that gives morons like Hasan, the ability to raise counter charges against any officer reporting his conduct as simply being ‘biased’, anti-Muslim, discriminatory, etc, and essentially end THEIR careers.  Again, this is political correctness and it’s logical conclusion.


    We’re doing this why, again?
    The day is fast re-approaching....

    The day is fast re-approaching....

    Surber mentions this morning that liberals are starting to complain how Conservatives are selling too many books. So, I suppose we can add this to the list of the Ramble I ran a month or two back about how the left was all about ‘silencing the opposition’. Their answer for Talk Radio? Fairness doctrine, under the guise of ‘localism’. Their answer for TV news? Buy the competition with tax money. THey’ve not figured out a way to control Fox, yet, but give them time. Their answer for the Blogs?  Governmental control and a government paid for propaganda site to counter anything negative. So, now they’re coming for the books?  Who says History doesn’t repeat itself?

  • BITSBLOG BUMPERSTICKER OF THE DAY: Seen on what looked like an unmarked police car:

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