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  • BY THEIR ACTS YE SHALL KNOW THEM: So, now, AG Eric Holder says it’s OK for ACORN to be funded by the Federal Government.  Well, gee, does this shock anyone, this outcome? Holder needs to be gone.  I see a few Republicans have gotten up on their hind legs over this one. Their trouble is, that as Eric Blair would have put it, it’s hard to tell the pigs from the humans, just now.
  • GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR A FIRM GRIP ON THE BLOODY OBVIOUS: The Wall Street Journal says that the evidence on the climate crisis is that the whole thing was rigged and a sham. They’re right, of course.  We’ve been saying that along.  But it now looks like the rest of the world is starting to catch on.  Observe, for example, what’s going on in Australia. make no mistake here; and this is all closely tide to Copenhagen.  Whatever else all these incidents are doing, it certainly negates the illusion that Copenhagen is occurring with anything resembling unity on the validity of the “science”.  in this country, particularly, cap and trade appears to be dead if we take the words of a certain Oklahoma senator as given.  By the way, a side note to Josh Marshall ;  go ahead and charge that Republicans and their increasing disbelief of the religion of manmade global warming is all partisanship. It certainly fits in with your myopic worldview.    But please spare us the double standard that socialist partisanship isn’t behind the spread of that myth. I’m with Don Surber, who says:
    Don Surber

    Don Surber

    It is not up to the skeptics to disprove this theory but rather proponents to prove in a clean and dispassionate way their theory.

    The high-pressure sales pitch and the ad hominem attacks on skeptics are tell-tale signs that the facts are not on the liberal side.

  • THERE ARE HOLIDAYS AND HOLIDAYS: Who, among even the experts, really understands what drives happenings like this? I wonder at the damage caused the people left behind.
  • MAGNIFICENTLY MORONIC: Yet more proof exists that any relationship between Helen Thomas and a sane person is accidental at best.  The only question outstanding is why in the blink anyone takes are seriously, anymore.
  • HAIL THE SWISS: for their ban on Minarets. There are many, I’m quite sure, who will consider this an end to the long touted Swiss tolerance of religions.  However, there’s a difference between tolerating religions and tolerating the takeover of a culture.  As has been demonstrated many times over, the latter is what Islam is about.

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