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And So Now, the “Kill the Messenger” Nonsense Begins

You know,  it was only a matter of time, I suppose, before the leftards lept up  maliciously and deceitfully attacking someone who brought up bad news about The Chosen One against someone they apparently have decided to make a target of… Jerome Corsi.  It’s called “attack the messenger”. This time, of course it’s Corsi’s report on a document that clearly connects the Fort Hood shooter to the Obama White House. I just didn’t expect it wouldn’t take a bit more time…. Crooks and Liars being as notoriously slow in the uptake as  we know they are.

But here it is, [1] less than 24 hours after the  report shows up, they leap up and do what any propaganda agency is supposed to do… defend the Dear Leader.

There’s only one small problem. It’s not Corsi that dug the thing up, though he certainly ran a report on it.

Did anyone for example, notice John Cook at  the Gawker [2], who apparently posted the original document before Corsi’s report saw light of day?

What of the report from Raw Story? [3]

Live Leak? [4]

JihadWatch? [5]

The Business Insider? [6]

Beltway Blips?

There’s about 6,390,000 more such sources by the actual count of Google. [7] Notable, however, is the absence of CNN, and MSNBC, and the New York Times.  Gee, I wonder why, huh? Now we understand better why The Obama White House likes those news outlets so much.

Here’s a question for Crooks and Liars: Let’s reverse the roles, here. Let’s say we had someone you could tag as being “right wing” would you run with such a report? I think we both know you would, particularly were there a Republican in the White House.. You also know as well as I the supposed mainstream press would be all over it.

But to your situation, Crooks and Liars, take my advice… you have a LOT of smearing to do… that oughta take you most of the day to come up with something to smear all those links… and all those people with.

So, please spare us the sanctimony, OK? You have other worries.

To the rest of you, yes, the search I link is overly broad. I’ll leave it to others to narrow down.  And yes, I have occasional problems with Corsi as well. But shooting the messenger seems to me, given the size of this story, that the left can’t discredit the story, so they’ll try to discredit a writer they desperately need to target. Thing is, we know why they have such a need.