ACORN foe Anita Moncrief over at Hot Air:

Anita Moncrief

Anita Moncrief

Multiple sources on the ground in New York’s 23rd Congressional district confirm that ACORN is expected to be actively protesting the election results in Clinton County, New York tomorrow. This move comes on the heels of a legal win for the Hoffman camp today as it was ruled that all poll watchers would have to be registered voters of NY 23.

The fact is, these tactics should be a surprise to nobody given where they’re coming from, and who they are in support of.  The all out effort to hang onto the district is even reflected in the economic bailout plans of the current administration. As Anita points out:

MSNBC reports that :

“The New York governor’s office just released county-by-county data on stimulus spending. (Here, here, and here.) It breaks down where — and on what — money was spent.

A First Read analysis of the data shows that almost $1 billion was allocated to counties in — either wholly or partially — New York’s 23rd congressional district.”

One does not have to wonder what WFP/ACORN’s motivations are. They clearly appear to be related to money and power.

Do you begin to understand the type of people we are dealing with, here?  And, does anyone doubt that this is exactly the kind of nonsense we’re going to see in the 2010 and 2012 elections?

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