CBS has a problem and even the New York Times can see it, by Bill Carter and Brian Stelter:

For the intensely private Mr. Letterman, the revelations, which resulted from a bizarre extortion attempt, are sure to be extremely embarrassing, especially as he tries to extend his lead in the late-night contest. “I have had sex with women who work for me on this show,” he told his audience on Thursday night, calling himself “creepy.” He added that he hoped “to protect my job.”

More seriously, they raised questions for both his company and CBS about whether his actions constituted sexual harassment or at least abuse of a power relationship over employees.

A CBS employee in a position of power, to wit David Letterman, has admitted to using his position to extort sex from person, purported be women, who work under him.   Using a position of power to gain sexual favor was classic sexual harassment, at least prior to B.J. Clinton, Nina Burleigh and Monica Lewinsky.

As long as CBS condones such predatory behavior on the part of their employee, the Tiffany Network is guilty of harboring a hostile work enviroment.    CBS fired Don Imus for just one crude remark.    Letterman is a serial predator.  Will the enraged cows speak out against CBS?  I doubt is.   And yes, I am talking about you Susan Estrich.

CBS needs to investigate Letterman’s predatory behavior and make the report available to the public.   Does the casting couch policy only apply to Letterman’s Late Show, or is it standard network policy.   Does it explain Katie Couric’s  anchor job?

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