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The Audacity of Math

The main stream media has not turned on Barack Obama, but at the same time they are starting to put some distance between themselves and the claims of the Obama Whine House.  The Whine House has created a new moan, to wit calculator abuse,  via Fausta [1]:

Jake Tapper managed to figure out that $160 billion divided by 1 million “created or saved” jobs equals $160,000 per job.

And, whammo!

The White House is so shocked at Jake’s finding, they acuse him of calculator abuse [2].


It seems that the gospel according to Obama requires the unquestioning obedience to the Whine House approved spin from the mount.    The Whine House does not allege that Tapper’s math is wrong.   Rather they complain that Tapper does not accept the Whine House claims at face value.

Now the other day, Obama said that only liberals think for themselves.   So as Tapper thinks to do his own math  computations on the Whine House cllaims, Tapper must be a liberal.