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Stink Pogress Lights One Up

Stink Progress [1] e-farted:

Mission  Accomplished For Conservatives Who Rooted Against America.

Their so-called evidence:


SEAN HANNITY, 9/29: Tonight — Gang violence in Chicago leaves a teenager dead, and the shocking events are caught on tape. Should the President be pushing to bring the Olympics to this city?

MICHELLE MALKIN, 9/30: Well, this is all about the president’s Chicago cronies. That’s what this Olympic push is all about. And it starts with Richard M. Daley, the mayor of Chicago. He’s been there since 1989. He would like to see this $5 billion party cap off his long grand tenure. And it’s a great way to white wash all of the city’s ills in the windy city and in Illinois for that matter.

PAT CADDELL, 9/29: “Now in Chicago what we’re going to have is gangster politics that will make Al Capone so happy. This is the biggest ever outrage ever done the President of the United States.”

BRIT HUME, 9/29: Even if he does though, there are always going to be people who will always suspect he was on a political errand for Mayor Daley of Chicago, who has staked a lot of prestige on landing the Olympics, and a lot of people, I think, will not ever get over that idea.

BRETT BAIER: We’ll cover it.

DENNIS MILLER, 9/30: But I would caution the IOC to get ready. If they don’t award this Olympics to Chicago, and thus to President Obama, get ready to be deemed racist. That is the move.

BILL O’REILLY: And Oprah’s there too. They’re going to take a hit.

S.E. CUPP, 10/1: But on the other hand? Have you have you been to Rio? I have. It’s awesome. If I’m Rio, I’m not really worried. I mean, I don’t know — there’s conflicting stuff going on here. I’ll be surprised.

SEAN HANNITY: And they have a national holiday on the day of the announcement. So they’re fighting back.

CUPP: Well, Rio’s awesome. No offense to Chicago. I love the Cubs game.

GUILFOYLE: Everybody loves Rio.

CUPP: But Rio is awesome.

LOU DOBBS, 10/1: They are there talking — Michelle Obama talking smack with the First Lady of Brazil about the Olympics. Is this an appropriate — well, initiative on the part of the Obamas?

GLENN BECK, 9/30: ou know, I wouldn’t think that with everything that’s going on that Chicago and the Olympics would be a priority, but it is for this president, and his gal pal, because remember, they’re playing for all the gold.

BILL BENNETT, 10/1: BENNETT: Well, I’m actually for Rio. Somebody made the argument this afternoon — I guess it was Jack Cafferty — who said — and I don’t always agree with Jack, you may know, but he said, Rio, it’s beautiful women at the beach. In Chicago, it’s fat people eating. So, which would you rather see on TV?

ROLAND MARTIN: Have you seen Rio’s crime rate?

BENNETT: But let me say, one good thing — one good thing about Barack Obama going to Copenhagen and arguing for the United States and Chicago is, he is going to have to say some really very positive things about the United States while abroad, which is not something he has been doing.

WOLF BLITZER: All right, guys, on that note –

BENNETT: It will be a good thing. I would love to hear that.

MARTIN: Bill, that’s the first time you didn’t say buy American. I’m can’t believe you’re not supporting America.

BLITZER: Let the record show there are many, many beautiful women in Chicago as well.

So since when was being against hosting the Olympics anti-American?   For the record I have been hostile to the Olympics since the open ceremonies of the Games of the XXIII  Olympiad [2], or the stinker in Los Angeles.   The year was 1984 and Ronnie was the President.    The Olympics represent everything the libtards profess to hate, nationalism, competition, commercialism,  pomp and victory.    You’d think liberals would cap and trade the Olympics.

None of the evil conservative pundits SP cited said anything unpatriotic about America.   In fact the comments of Bill Bennett et al were considerably kinder to our country than the stump speeches of  Barack and Mitchell Obama.

Now nobody said much nice about Chicago.  but what is there nice to say about Chicago.    It is a crime infested and politically corrupt city.