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Obama: Vain Or Dithering

George Will, Washington Post [1],  October 5:

Presidents often come to be characterized by particular adjectives: “honest” Abe Lincoln, “Grover the Good” Cleveland, “energetic” Theodore Roosevelt, “idealistic” Woodrow Wilson, “Silent Cal” Coolidge, “confident” FDR, “likable” Ike Eisenhower. Less happily, there were “Tricky Dick” Nixon and “Slick Willie” Clinton. Unhappy will be a president whose defining adjective is “vain.”

Professor Ann Althhouse: [2]

Dithering Obama.

The word “dithering” has really attached itself to Obama.

Remember the way Bush opponents tried to get the word “quagmire” stuck on him? It’s an interesting political strategy, sticking a word on a guy.

Hat tip:  Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit [3].