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Liberalism: More Powerful Than the Hiroshima Bomb?

image0011 [1]

Most people will remember, I think… at least those not ‘educated’ at government schools… that Hiroshima was hit by a bomb at the end of world war two… and we’ve all seen some of the destruction wrought by that attack. Just as a reminder, here’s a few pics of the aftermath. Remember in all cases you can click on the pic to get the better resolution. Warning: Some are quite large.91847-004-669368AC [2]

Hiroshima_Dome_1945 [3]

You get the idea. Now, let’s look at Hiroshima, today.

HiroshimaNight [4]

9619023 [5]image0044 [4]image0055 [6]

OK. Now having look at what’s happened over the last 60 odd  years in Hiroshima, let’s look at Detroit. Detroit is a union/Democrat dominated town.  Let’s start by looking at what the place looked like 60 years or so ago.

1930 [7]

07_BIG_skyline4c [8]

Now, let’s look at the Detroit of today after 60 years of liberal/Democrat/Union rule.

image01313 [9]image01414 [10]

image01515 [11]image01616 [12]

Well, I’m sure you get the idea. So is liberalism more destructive the the Hiroshima bomb? I don’t know. I don’t know at all. But I can tell you this….I wouldn’t want to be the one arguing against the idea.

I only used part of the list of pics I collected for this peice.  Here’s the rest… I’ve put them together in link  size. You can click on them to view them full size, if you like.