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ramble-teabagThis is the “Tea”  Edition

  • Savannah Tea Party: linked here.
  • Palin continues:  Now, we hear Palin’s planning legal action on the smear we wrote of yesterday, here, and today at PJM.  This should ahve been no shock to anyone that it’d go down this way. Meanwhile the post at PJM continues to do a land office business. Apparently, there’s nothing like the truth to piss off the left. The sheer amount of spin going on in that comments section is enough to make one worry about the development of an artificial black hole.
  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    Buyer’s Remorse:So now we’re starting to admit to ourselves that the plan was to eliminate private health coverage all along. We’ve even uncovered vid of Obama saying exactly that.  And Nancy Pelosi following suit, just recently. And Dingy Harry, as well. We also see that the promise about not raising taxes on the middle class was just so much moo muffins, too.   I hate to seem gouche, but… guys… you elected a socialist.  We’ve told you this right along. Why on earth would you be shocked that he would actually govern, … you know… as a socailist?

  • Problem identification:  I’ve always considered correct problem identification key to problem rectification.  Billy looks at the poster to the left, here, and  says:

    I love it, but it’s just annotation. Amsoc is on a roll, now, and this sort of thing will have no bearing on it. Tammy is wrong. This is not “trouble” for Obama. It simply marks someone’s awareness of where we’re all going.

    Billy, I respect your thoughts, but frankly, I’m not so convinced. There’s a lot around the country to suggest the revolt is of far greater weight than Billy makes it. Clearly, folks have correctly identified the problem. What do you suppose the next step is? Speaking out, for example?

  • A measure of the support Government healthcare has:
  • The Revolt is spreading: I’d say offhand, Specter is in serious doo-doo, but I’d say the Democrats in general are. Wouldn’t you? I am reminded of an old Kristofferson performance, where he wasn’t too popular among the morons there… and he was quoted as saying he’d continue in spite of everything but rifle fire. And it’s been happening all over the country. Austin, for example  and Long Island for another (Vid)

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