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Senator Oldsmobile, Mary Jo Kopechne, Susan Estrich Et Al

The chickdom reaction to the passing off Senator Oldsmobile has not been all Nina Burleigh [1].  First, Eric rambled [2] on the reax of Virginia Postrel:

HE WASN”T AS WELL THOUGHT OF BECAUSE HE SURVIVED: That’s Virginia Postrel, talking about Ted Kennedy. It’s an interesting insight. What might have been is always an easier sell than reality.  And face it, what after all is all this memorializing about Camelot other than bleaching about what might have been?

Then a not so unexpected take by the conservative Darleen Click, Protein Wisdom [3]:

And the cynical laudatory scribblings from the Leftcult’s Vagina Warrior apparatchiks are stomach turning since Teddy was infamous for considering the female half of the nation as nothing more than a box of kleenex in service of his penis’ needs. And, no, being nice to John McCain’s son doesn’t ameliorate Mary Jo’s death.

Darleen is brutal on Kennedy, but her treatment is not without a certain justification.    Then Darleen is a conservative.   On the other claw, Susan Estrich is certainly  not onservative, and is former Kennedy staffer to boot, via Newsbusters [4]:

I’ve been to the bridge at Chappaquiddick. He was flawed. He knew that. The world knew that. Whether you forgive him or not doesn’t matter anymore.

…People made fun of him when he became a senator. He gave them ammunition. Both of his brothers died. He was responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, and then he failed to alert authorities and take responsibility.

Estrich is an interesting one.   I’ve used her for sport enough, and will again,  but she can write, when she gets out of her cow mentality.    Yes chicks are digging the late Senator Oldmobile,  as using a shovel to throw dirt on him.