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Team Obama on Terrorism

Barack Obama likes to think of global politics, not in terms of good or evil, but merely as misunderstandings, with the need for endless apologizing.     Yes, every world problem can be resolved with but sufficient groveling.

It only in the matter of domestic politics does the one sees things in the terms fo good and evil.   Support the one and y0u are good.  Oppose the one you are evil, or even better a terrorist. While the Obama administration,  shuus the term terrorism, with respect to real terrorism.  Team Obama uses the term terrorist to describe their political opponents.    From background, read Ed Morrissey, Hot Air [1]:

Andy McCarthy, National Review [2]:

Obama’s Idea of a Terrorist is a lawyer (Tom Lauria) for Chrysler bondholders who actually represents his clients interests, insists the government follow contract law, and won’t bend over for The One’s pals in the labor unions. Ed Morrissey has the details at Hot Air. Didn’t Secretary Napolitano explain to the President that it would better for all concerned if we refer to Lauria as “a man-causing-disaster”?

Shell we list the Indiana state teachers’ penion fuud as a sponsor of terrorism?