You knew this couldn’t be far off. WHAM-TV is reporting:

(New York) — ABC’s Good Morning America has just announced that TV personality Ed McMahon has died at the age of 86.

McMahon is probably best known as Johnny Carson’s longtime sidekick on “The Tonight Show.” He was later seen as the face of the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

He’d been hospitalized, if I recall correctly, back in late January or early February at Reagan/UCLA for Pneumonia and other issues, and we’d not heard anything from him since then.

An announcer, myself, in former years, I always envied him his voice… a great one for Radio and TV.

Addendum:  (David L)

Ed McMahan and Johnny CarsonVery few, Charles Schulz, Paul Harvey,  and Johnny Carson, get to the the very best at what they did.    Among the  reasons that Carson owned late night television, is that Carson had the greatest second banana of all time, Ed McMahon, who ever forgot the that role of the second banana was to make the host look good.   No matter who was hosting, be it Carson,or any number of quest hosts, McMahon never failed to to his best to make the host look good.    McMahon was simply the best second banana of all time.  Nobody ever did it better.   Rest in Peace Ed.

Hat tip photo:   Associated Press.

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