DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleFathers on-screen and off,  Eric rambled:

John Wayne:  Finally, I know I‘ve linked James twice already, but this got by me yesterday, with all that happened to me yesterday and trying to write what became “Fathers”  and frankly I‘m annoyed with myself for missing it, particularly in that context. . James reminds us that yesterday marked the 30th year since John Wayne’s passing. I find myself mildly amused. My Dad was no John Wayne, certainly, but I wonder what he’d have said had he understood the connection

Well hold on Pilgrim.  Even John Wayne, the man, was no John Wayne, the character.    In real life, Wayne didh’t quite match his on-screen persona.   It is certainly no knock against a real life father that his was no John Wayne.   then considering Wayne the person, that might be a good thing.

Re:  Chasity Bono in particualar and children of celebritues in general,     It is hard to make generalizations, but it seems to me that you do your childrne no favors by being rich and famous.    I don’t say that celebrities can’t be good parents nor that don’t try.    However there are plenty of parenting skills that money simply caa’t buy.

There ar heros and there are role models.  Wayne was the former.   We can hope that every father the latter.

Pile on the Pig, from,  Michelle:

People on Twitter are grumbling about that last paragraph but (a) given how peeved the sisterhood will be that they’re defending Palin,

And piling on the LSM, Amanda Fortini, Salon:

Imagine if, say, Michelle Obama, or Rachel Maddow, or Nancy Pelosi became the target of similar invective. The outcry from the left would be deafening. Shouldn’t liberals exhibit the same sort of decorous treatment we demand for ourselves? Sexist comments like Letterman’s and Cimbalo’s also evoke a troublingly insular, clubhouse atmosphere in lieu of an inclusive political party. What’s more, the gender-based stereotypes they conjure are as stale and ignorant as any voiced by the old Neanderthal right

Shell I take it as compliment that being called a Neanderthal is promotion up from Dinosaur?

And  even the NAG’s pile on.

Sarah Yans Matt Lauer,  Sarah Palin gives Matt Lauer  the Martin Yan treatment, she slices and dices him,  and Lauer never knew what hit him,  from Gateway Pundit:

Sarah Palin Nails It!
Sarah Palin tells Today host Matt Lauer that he is “extremely naive” if he believed David Letterman’s explanation of the joke he made about Palin’s daughter:

Palin destroys Lauer and she never raises her voice, gets rude or even breatks her stride.


More on culture,  I am a metric kind of guy, and it is kind of hard to find a metric for culture.   So am left with sharing Sarah’s view of collective culture but also lacking any hard metric to measure our culture.  

However I do have this thought:  What is the difference between being famous and being good?    We have a finite supply of fame.   It is simply not possible for everybody to have fifteen minutes of fame.    Howsomeever, we have an unlimtted capacity to be good.    Whereas it is simply not possible for everybody to be famous, it is possible for everybody to be good.

Which is why, I deplore the culture of self-esteem and self-gratification, and suggest a return to the cultural ideal of the Golden Rule, do unto otherrs as you would have them do unto to you.   All our children can become famous, but they can all become good persons which is infinitely better.

Culural comon ground, there are a myriad of ideas as to the appropriate roles for women in our culture.    However, aside from pervs like Letterman, I’d like to think that no matter what our view of women might be, we don’t want to see our daughters, or anybody’s daughter, raped,  Sarah Palin via David Chalian and Rich Klien,  ABC News:

Gov. Palin was apparently pleased to see women organizations speaking out against the comments and then proceeded to read from her BlackBerry an e-mail she received from someone she described as not a typical feminist. “Every male organization. . . should rise up and shout in defense of their daughters, their sisters, their mothers,” Palin read to NBC’s Lauer

That is all.

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