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Are Modern Women More Miserable?

The National Bureau of Economic Research  has released a study purporting to show that women’s happiness has declined since the ‘Seventies, or about since when Riic came off the market.  Color me skeptical that happiness is actually a  measurable metric   Oh, I accept that happiness exists, and the purported decline seems probable enough.   I just  don’t see how  it can be measured.

Having said that, assuming the conclusion to be true, the the great lady, Phyllis Schlafly, Townhall [1], weighs in, here us one of her thoughts:

Feminist organizations such as the National Organization for Women held consciousness -raising sessions where they exchanged tales of how badly some man had treated them. Grievances are like flowers — if you water them, they will grow, and self-imposed victimhood is not a recipe for happiness.

I mean have you ever seen a happy gender feminist?    They wear their anger as a badge of honor.