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What ‘Progressives’ Want

Some amazingly succinct comments from Carol Negro at The American Thinker [1]this morning:

Growing government is the real reason Progressives are pushing socialized medicine. They know perfectly well it doesn’t work. They are neither blind nor stupid. They don’t care about your health, or what healthcare costs you now, or about rationing or low quality care. No arguments about the inadequacy of government-run healthcare will move them. Socialized Medicine grows government, and gives it total power over our bodies. They will literally, with the stroke of a pen, have life and death power over every single person in the country. It doesn’t get more totalitarian than that.

The reason for gun registration is not the safety of citizens, they know perfectly well that most legal gun owners are responsible and, in fact, have fewer accidents with firearms than most police departments. They don’t care if you get shot by a criminal. They don’t care if criminals are the only people with guns. They don’t care if the streets are safe or not. They don’t care if criminals get brazen and bold like they are now in England & Australia where they have confiscated legal guns. What they do care about is that registering guns gives government more power over more people in more ways. And they know guns in the hands of citizens is a direct threat to their power-lust ambitions.

They don’t care about the “Earth”. Controlling energy gives them total control of the means of production. Which translates as total control over food, shelter, goods and services. It’s the perfect, undercover communist/fascist coup…as they wrap themselves in virtue for “saving the planet.” Hitler was an “environmentalist” too.

They don’t care about endangered species. They care about being able to control private property, the single most important bulwark against government tyranny.

The entire article is worth your time and I commend it to your careful reading.