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  • Flailing About: You know, watching this Pelosi thing is rather like watching someone who is drowning, desperate to find something that will keep them afloat. Let’s not lose sight, though, of the fact that she’s not alone in this game of hers. If she knew… and she did know… about the scope of the ‘Water boarding’, then everyone else knew as well. Take the number of Democrats involved in those meetings… Queen Nancy wasn’t the only one, after all… and multiply that number by their staffs and their close associates. This whole thing  exposes the Democrat objection to it now as pure political opportunism. The Democrat party, I’m sure, would like this whole thing to go away, and to that end the news coverage and party statements… what there are of them… focus on Queen Nancy. Queen Nancy, for her part,  is apparently destined for an attempt by Democrats to use her as a scapegoat.  We shouldn’t let them.  All of this is one major reason the approval ratings for Democrats are dropping.  Others in on this one include Jules Crittenden, Don Surber, NO QUARTER, The Sundries Shack, Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, and  Pajamas Media 
  • He’d have voted for torture:  He who? Who He? Harold Ford Jr.  Hardly a right wing sycophant, that.
  • Why is Oprah Getting a pass? Imagine the response had Donald Trump said this.
  • Calls for Steele to go? I’m not sure I agree with any of this from Jay Cost at RCP. First, I’m still… still… not getting a clear picture of the direction Steele wants to take the party.  That studied ambiguity  is disturbing  because I still don’t fully have a handle on Steele’s being worthy of my support, thereby.  I’m also less than pleased with Cost, because he so apparently feels  that lack of a clear direction on the part of the RNC leadership is desirable:

    There is a reason why your average party chairman is a lousy television guest who rarely strays from the talking points: that is what’s good for the party.

    Not a party that has a solid philosophical base, it’s not.  Not a party that operates from principles and has nothing to hide, it’s not.  I made the point in my “Grabbing the Wheel” article of the other day that there is a brand clarity issue… and that it’s particularly important when rebuilidng is the desire.  Trouble is, the question is still out there; Will the Republican Party represent it’s base, or not? Do we really need to wait until mid-terms to get the answer to that simple and important question?

  •  The Second Coming of Crist: … may not be the success he’s hoping for.  Florida Gov. Charlie Crist declared for the US Senate this morning, but it looks like the base he’s been ignoring is about to remind him who’s in charge down there.   Of course, this bucks the NRSC, who endorsed Crist.  (For which, I note with Amusement, John Hawkins calling for John Cornyn’s head as NRSC chair … a point I tend to agree with him on.) This goes directly to the lack of direction I spoke of regarding Steele. Given the split we see inside the party, just now, I’m unclear on Steele being behind the endorsement. Crist, you may know, has made no bones about being a McCain style moderate, and has in fact been on the short list as McCain’s VP nominee. My leaning here? Marco Rubio (Vid).
  • We Exist:  Memeorandum has been noticing… and linking our work again, here at BitsBlog. Apparently, we exist again.  Nice to see.
  • YOU…. NOT…. FUNNY…..  Interesting, that the White House is now backing away from Wanda Sykes and her performance there, faster than one would back away from someone yelling Alu Akbar!!! at the top of his lungs in a public place.  They’d like you to know they think Sykes wasn’t funny.  And forget about the video we have of Obama laughing his ass off.  By the way, someone better grab that vid before it disappears from the web, like so many other stories not favorable to Obama have done. Cold Fury has more, and so does The Wall Street Journal.
  • Change? Not really:  I’ve often said to get the NY Times to change it’s left leaning ways a new ownership has to happen. this wasn’t exactly the change I had in mind.
  • Health care: I note Megan McArdle, talking about Healthcare issues. Worth the read, but let’s shorten this. First go back to this morning and read the quote I put up by Carol Negro.  Particularly the first para in the quote. Then consider; when the government is in charge of your healthcare, it comes down not to what is best for you, but what is best for the government… and those currently in power, and how you affect those.  As I said to the gang at Q&O just now… We have discussed on this blog many times, the lack of respect government as a rule has for individual rights. Think they’re going to have any greater degree of respect for your health, when it comes down to a question of your health, or their retaining power? 

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