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  • Take a Bow: Apparently the lesson is still not learned, that it’s not the mistake, it’s the coverup. If nothing else, this confirms what we on the right have been saying for years now about Obama’s inherrent dishonesty. David extends these comments.
  • Oh, let ’em all come…   Seems Obama will introduce legislation including “a path for illegal immigrants to become legal” this year. In short, he’s looking to push amnesty, again. the rumbling I’m hearing just now suggests that the votes aren’t there for it in Congress, though, so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Right Wing News has an interesting interview up on this just now.
  • Taxes and their effects:  So, after weeks of talk of rasing taxes on the producers of this country, particularly coming from Gracie Mansion and from Albany, there’s a housing slump on Manhattan.   I’ll bet the claim is there’s no connection, though.
  • Those priates are Muslim Militants: Did you know?  Most don’t know. Funny how no news reporting on the matter, has touched on this point.  Since we have reduced our military ability to the degree we have it should be no  shock why theese groups are flourishing for the last decade or so.  What military presence we have in the area, is forced to sit back and watch as these magnificent bastards take their toll, all due to misguided international (leftist) politics. Cutting the military and restricting it’s actions is not a path to peace. Alas, that’s a lesson that never seems to get learned.
  • How many levels of idiocy is this?   So, let me see, here. We’re in a global cooling cycle and have been for the last decade.  Despite this, there’s serious talk now, about polluting the asmosphere intentionally to combat ‘global warming’?   So, what, pray, was the purpose of the EPA regulations, then?  Wouldn’t we have been better off, so far as global warming, to simply continue with coal plants, and more efficient cars…without all the EPA mandated crap, and let things take their course?  We’d have burned less fuel, (Anti-polution equipment caueses us to burn more fuel) our economy would be more stable, and we’d not be trying to replace the pollution we removed at the cost of trillions of dollars.  Of course, all this assumes that these morons who can’t tell us what the weather is doing tommrow, who can’t tell we’re in a cooling cycle, not a warming cycle, and are stupid enough to aver that we can affect the long term environment in anything more than the slightest degree, can tell how much pollution we spent so many years and dollars trying to remove, that we’re actually going to have to replace to come to the desired outcome.  Always assuming of course that their definition of ‘desired outcome’ actually IS desired. By the way, I do have to say that the plan as we understands it, sounds amazingly similar to one proposed by famous business man, Monty Burns.  And this administration is taking this thing seriously. Just ponder that for a moment.


    Monty Burns

  • Committing Suicide for the Environment: Speaking of the environment, I related a story recently as regards an enviro-zealot who approached us a few years ago. He advised us that the planet has too many people on it, and we need to take immediate steps to solve this crisis.  I advised him that committing suicide thus removing his negative environmental influence on the planet was a far more effective means to the end of solving the crisis, than was bitching at us about altering the American lifestyle.  Of course, he took offense. Yet he couldn’t deny that was the logical conclusion to draw.  And after all, the earth depends on what we do next…. and it’s a crisis, needing immediate action. He did stop babbling.  Ya know, you’ve got a hand it to the Unabomber. He had a heavily underlined copy of “earth in the balance” in his collection. Say what you will about him, I will likely agree. But at least, he understood the relationship between what the environmentalists preach, and the logical conclusion of it.  It’s funny. I don’t seem to recall to many environmentalists labeling him an “extremist”. Or, for that matter, a “terrorist”.  Yet, so he was.  One would think that these kind of events would get the enviro-wchack-jobs to reexamine the logical basis of their arguments, when the logical conclusions present themselves as such.  I tell you with no uncertainty whatsoever, that these extreme examples that I’ve cited, are the logical conclusion of that brand of non-thought. That we have people now controlling our government who subscribe to that logic, makes the way this thing will go quite predictable.
  • Meanwhile, back in the sane world, people are starting to catch on. The cracks in the facade are showing. The Foundry, this monring:

    No one should be surprised that a terrible economy has produced an outcome environmentalists love. Studies by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Energy Information Administration, and the National Association of Manufacturers, have all shown that even the lenient carbon capping standards of last year’s Lieberman-Warner global warming bill would cost the American economy trillions of dollars for each tenth of a degree of future temperature rise avoided. Our own Center for Data Analysis shows Lieberman-Warner would have cost the U.S. economy $4.8 trillion by 2030.

    The greatest trick the environmental left ever pulled was to convince the drive-by media that “cap-and-trade” was a “free market” solution to global warming. Hence the New York Times once reported with a straight face that Lieberman-Warner would create “one of the biggest markets in the world, estimated to be worth over $200 billion a year.” Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality cap and trade is nothing more than the largest tax increase in American history. And the left is finally beginning to admit it.

    Yeah, well, I’m not going to hold my breath that they’ll actually scrap their Gaia worship anytime soon.

  • You silly little girl: Heh… The founder of Firedog Lake thinks that just because she’s sold her soul to the DNC, that she was supposed to get paid for it.  And yes, Jane, you are just a stenographer.  I doubt you have the courage to step out of that role. I find it interesting that so many that are on the Hamsher bandwagon on this stuff, were also the ones who were so busy gloating over the recent shift at the advertising wing of Pajamas Media As usual, let reality apply to the left and they scream like stuck pigs.   I’ll let the always excellent  Melissa Clouthier take it from here.
  • Most Americans think Gun Control means improving your shooting skills:   By way of Reynolds, I note a Gallup poll. In light of that, it was interesting to Ms Perky interviewing Eric Holder, trying to get him to commit to an assult weapons ban. i2b_lao7s0o6uzorpe1izg Go ahead, tell me about how the press does stuff like this because it reflects the desires of the people. Remember, now;  With that kind of pluarity against such a ban, there’s a fair number of Democrats in the mix.
  •  That dirty word is back: The street is going nucking futz on news that Wells Fargo turned a healthy … in fact, a record profit.   Of course, the WH is busy ramping up the victory sell-abrations… trying to sell us on the idea that this was a massive turn-around,  and is all due to the policies of the Obama admnistration. Don’t trust it for a moment. Remember, when these bailouts first came along, Wells was the one complaining they didn’t NEED a bailout, and Obama forced them to take it. Remember? Shouldn’t be a shock to anyone on any level of understand, then, that Wells would be in better than fair shape now.
  • To those who have been asking, Donna’s operation went quite well, and other than being sore as heck, she’s just fine, thanks.

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