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Nightly Ramble:The Deluxe Cheeseburger Edition

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Welcome one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the sphere, and a recent addition to the Homeland Security Watch List [2]BitsBlog’s Nightly Ramble

This is The Deluxe Cheeseburger edition

Before I get into the usual collections of quick takes, snarks and swipes, I want to take the opportunity to pass along some thoughts on tommmrow, because by the time tommrow’s Ramble goes up, the events will have already happened, and at least partially defined by the Dinosaur media.

Defined how, you ask?  Tommorow being April 15th, we’re going to see a lot in the news about the malcontents gathering together to bitch about taxes.  While it’s true that because of the Revolutionary history of the thing [3], Tea Parties are most usually associted with tax protests… and April 15th is a logical time for such protests to happen. 

teaparty4 [1]Thing is, I don’t see the some 500 events I see listed around the country tomorrow as being about taxes,per se’, except in reflex. Rather, I see these protests as being about governmental growth and governmental spending, and frankly about a loss of freedoms generated by our own government… a government that until recently took seriously it’s oath to uphold those freedoms, by means of the constitution.

The Dinosaurs have been making mention of these events in derogatory fashion. If they have a bloody clue what the things are about, they’re avoiding telling their viewers about them for the most part. They know there’s a power there, that they don’t want to see winning the day, and so they ignore it, in hopes you will, too.

teapartycincy2 [4]Now, as I say as of the other day, when I found the list of events I have in hand, there were some 500 such events planned around the country. But I’m not going to pass along that list, and I’ll tell you why; As with most true grassroots happenings, this this has already grown way beyond that listing, and there will be much in the way of impromptu protesting going on, as well. Best way to find out where to go to get involved is to do a Google search. If you can’t find it there, look on places likeAltavista [5], instead. Instapundit’s been doing a fair job [6]of collecting these things, as has buddy Chuck Simmins at North Shore Journal [5].

I’m going to urge you; let your voice be heard. Ya know, to steal a cleche from Reynolds, they told me that Obama would unite us. And so he has, but not in the way I was told. We’ve begun to unite against the left in a way never seen before. And tommrow, not only will we all see this, we can be a part of it. Let’s remined the government who they’re suppsoed to be working for… because clearly, they’ve forgotten.

But the job doesn’t end, there. I’ll speak more on thatpoint, tommorow.

On to the usual Ramble doings.