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Nightly Ramble:The Free Internet Edition

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This is the Free Internet editionsign41 [1]

Now… can you imagine the reaction to a white person saying this about blacks, even in jest?  I’ve got a message for you to Gary: You can kiss my skinny white backside.  The odd part about it is you won’t even have to bend over very far.I had a boss years ago that reminds me of him. Both were real maggots.  The kind of individuals you would love to burn down if somebody would give you 50¢ to justify it.   Both suffer in the extreme from what I will call “yappy little dog syndrome”.  In both cases they had to keep running their mouths to let everybody else know how big and important they are .  And of course it goes without saying that Coleman in his infinite wisdom is decided to play the race card here.  Unfortunately for Coleman, that particular crutch is taller than he is.