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Who is Defending Chris Dodd?

Mark Hemingway at The Corner:

I was perusing an old column by Kevin Rennie [1], the former Connecticut state legislator that broke the cottage story, and noticed this interesting tidbit:

During the fourth quarter of 2008, Dodd’s Senate re-election campaign — Friends of Chris Dodd, indeed — paid $65,000 in legal fees to the firm Perkins Coie. So far, Dodd has spent more than $120,000 of campaign funds on his defense. The law firm is the single largest expense of his re-election campaign and it is for a personal matter. From October through December of last year, Dodd’s re-election campaign spent nearly a quarter of what it raised in that period on legal fees.

Rennie notes that a large chunk of those campaign funds came from banking interests. So I don’t know about you, but I find it awfully reassuring that in the middle of a major economic crisis and the accompanying government bank bailouts, the head of the Senate Banking Committee is indebted to bank lobbies to pay the legal tab for his personal corruption.

Mark you old meanie. Don’t you understand this is for our interests they’re doing this?
(popping cheek)
It’s clear the Dinosaurs have been ignoring this story. It’s mentioned in the archive as Mark mentions, but nobody bothered following up on it? Can you imagine that happening if a Republican is involved?