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  • The magical disappearing tax cut: One of the things that did come out of that presser that nobody… well, hardly anyone, anyway… watched was that Obama will sign off on a budget that doesn’t incude the much touted middle class tax cut. So, anyone who voted for Obama on the idea that a tax cut for the middle class was going to happen, you’ve been suckered again. And yes, I said again. This is exactly what went down in the weeks following Clinton’s oath of office. I’ll let Greg Mankiw fill in the details.  Why do people keep voting Democrat, anyway?
  • The Black Car Nation: California, it seems is planning on making it illegal to sell back cars out there. The stated reason? Global warming. No, I’m not kidding.  If this is really representitive of the people of California, I suggest we start calling them all idiots,now, and wall the place off.  No, I’m serious. Look,  I don’t feel like playing Lot, here, who argued with God to save Sodom and Gomorrah  if one rightious man could be found there.  The ones who have managed to keep their brains out there need to seperate themselves and move out. We need to seperate California from the rest of the population.  I think we can take the spread of this kind of thing down there as evidence that stupidity is contagious.  OK, Say it. I’m being an insensitive idiot.  But come on, now…  This is about as stupid as I’ve ever heard from any government anywhere. OTOH, what do you expect from the Gorbots at the Air Quality Board?  I’m telling you; what the  Democrats and the Unions haven’t done to California, the Gorebots will. To anyone in California reading this. Leave now. I beg you; save yourself before it’s too late.
  • It’s those little comments:  I stopped wondering about George Soros a long time ago. The man is the definition of evil. His response on the crisis is telling, I think.
  • I Dunno, Jonah:

    Look, I think there are examples of conservative or right-wing rhetoric getting out of hand vis a vis Obama. I listened to a video clip of Alan Keyes talking about Obama the other day and he might as well have been talking about Pol Pot. But I think most of the rhetoric has been perfectly legitimate given the times we’re in and what Obama is trying to do. In particular, as I noted the other day, I love how liberals — who have been pushing to Europeanize American social policy for generations — are suddenly aghast and contemptuous when conservatives complain that liberals want to Europeanize American social policy, just as the liberal effort starts to succeed.

    symbolismMmmmph. Look, Jonah, I understand your reservation on the bombast of Keyes. But given, as you say, what Obama is trying to do, I can’t help wondering if he’s not in fact understating the case. At the risk of a Godwin-like response, was there anyone who predicted what Hitler would eventually become during his long rise to the top, who wasn’t considered a flake, a nut, an outcast in German society? There’s much in the way of similarity in the experience of both men. Enough, I think to give  quite reasonable people pause on this point.

  •  Jindal his wife and childWhy Jindal should be taken seriously: Rick Moran has a great article up at Pajamas Media this morning, that in it’s way explains that very point.  Jundal is making the noises I’ve been making at this blog (And yes, others, too) for eight years, now. As I told you, anyone who takes those values seriously, is going to be a formidable poltical presence in this next cycle and going forward from there
  • Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin

    Bury her in legal fees: Speaking of a formidable poltical presence, the lefties must really be scared of Sarah Palin.  No, I mean it. Look; Given the number of outright criminal issues they’ve got going amongst their own right now,  their complaints about Palin can be nothing but politically, not morally motivated. They’re busy throwing the kitchen sink at her.  Another indication… Saint Andrew the Incontinent tossed another bit of crap at the wall this morning. Anything that has a chance of sticking. this kind of thing can only reflect fear.  They know that if they can’t take her down between now and 2012, she’s going to do them serious damage. I’m more than a little annoyed by those on the right trying to help the left out on their attacks on her, by the way. I’ll write to that point in the near future, I’m sure. For now, I suggest most of it is coming from people who thought…. incorrectly… that John McCain isn’t responsible for losing the 08 election.  Well, you know what I think of McCain, too, don’t you?

  •  For Every Action: Have you seen how FedEx will respond to the Card Check Bill?  Good. Very good indeed. Let’s get more on board with this idea.
  • This is the sound of Atlas Shrugging: If you’ve not read the resignation letter from Jake DeSantis formerly of AIG, you need to.
  • The Homeless Lie: Remember the comments from various quarters doing Bush 41 about the astounding numbers of homeless people? They’re at it again.
  • His brother’s Keeper:  Obama’s brother.. the one in Kenya… may have cholera? Yep. 
  • With the financial crisis looming, the Senate leaps into action: Investigating how college football picks No. 1…  Must be a lot of them lost money on March Madness. Oh, what the hell.. the president made a big deal out of his bracket picks, too. Right?


    Doing the people's business?

  • The Case of the missing photo: By the way, remember that pic of Obama looking over his bracket board for March Madness?  Yeah, this one here. Everyone and their brother had the thing up. All the news paper sites and agood chuck of blogs, too.  I couldn’t find it on Google, just now. Good thing I captured it, mostly by chance.  Wonder why it would go missing, like that.  Hmmmm. Couldn’t be that there was a negative reaction to it, so someone squashed it, huh? Nah. Couldn’t be.
  • It happens every spring:  But not like this.  Say a prayer for the folks along the Red River which is giving the locals some serious problems.

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