Background, on Monday, February 16, police in Stamford, Connecticut shot and killed a two hundred pound pet chimpanzee.    The victim of the chimpanzee attack, Charla Nash, suffered major wounds and is still hopitalized.    We hope  that Nash can recover the best she can and we extend our sympathy to Sandra Herold who watched her friend get mauled and her pet killed.

On Tuesday, Barack Obama signed the god awfull Porkulus, so-called Stimuss, Bill into law.   Porkulus was largely written by congressional democrats behind closed doors.

Against this background, the New York Post published this cartoon.   The quip has a kind of Lenny Briscoe ring to it.   Good Jerry.

That written, several libtards jump off the deep end. Jammie Wearing Fool:

These liberal wackos are always looking for hidden messages. Clearly unable to understand what satire is, except of course when they rush to use the satire defense themselves

Like Michelle commented , and  Bit echoed, about the Bush-Hitler analogies, who knew comparing a president to a chimpanzee was offensive?    Further given that Porkulus was written by Congress and not the President, it is a stretch to even suggest that BO was the intended target.     Now Mrs. Pelosi or David Obey might be a different story.   Then not enough Botox to the the Speaker.

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One Response to “So Now Comparing the President to a Chimp is Out Too?”

  1. Far as I’m concerned, the leftie reaction to this is the same as the nonsense I mentioned in last night’s RAMBLE.  Yet more example of the rather blatant double standards employed by the left.