Fox News is reporting some democrats want to “gut” the Pelosi-Reid-Obama debt bill:

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, who sits on the Senate Appropriations Committee, said Republicans and Democrats alike want to gut the nearly $900 billion program of items that he says will not stimulate job growth.

Ben Nelson and Russ Feingold are the only two democrats mentioned by name.   However Nelson is talking multiple democrats.   Nelson is not talking tweaking.  He talking about gutting  Pelosi-Reid-Obama     If the repubicans stand united, a big if, a solid republican bloc and a few sober democrats could torpedo Mrs. Pelosi’s crap sandwhich.

Obama insists the the Senate’s objections to Pelosi-Reid-Obama are minor.   Nelson is talking major.  Let us see who has a better grasp on reality.   I say if Pelosi-Reid-Obama goes down in flame, it takes the nebulous Obama administration with it.  What say you?

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