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Is Mrs. Pelosi’s Reign of Errror in Peril?

Nancy PelosiIs Speaker Tablecloth about to rejoin the rank and file, Ed Morrissey, Hot Air [1]:

Congress just started the 111th Session just four weeks ago, and already some Democrats have had enough of Nancy Pelosi’s ham-handed tactics. A rebellion has begun to brew among moderates in Pelosi’s caucus that wants a return to “regular order”, in which the committees return to their normal process of crafting and modifying legislation instead of a select group of elites ramming it down their throats.

Color Moe Lane, Red State [2], skeptical:

There is, of course, one questionable aspect of the above equation: it assumes that the Republican caucus can manage to Hold The Line on critical votes. In fact, for this to work, you’d need to see evidence that they were prepared to do something like, I don’t know: make a unanimous decision to buck a popular President on an endlessly-touted fiscal bill that, no matter how flawed, was pretty much guaranteed passage anyway. And, of course, such a display of political fortitude and rock-solid determination has not been seen in the House GOP since the days of last week.

I don’t think the blue dogs are ready to revolt yet.   However the longer Mrs. Pelosi’s ham fisted rule continues, the more likely the blue dogs are to bolt.   If Mrs. Pelosi wants to continue as Speaker she needs to learn how to represent the interests outside of San Francisco.   Good luck with that.