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House Passes Porkulus, BO One Step Closer to Owning the Depression

The House passed Porkulus, the Pelosi/Reid/Obama Debt Plan, New York Times [1]:

Stimulus Bill Passes in the House With No G.O.P. Support

WASHINGTON – The House approved a $787 billion economic stimulus package Friday afternoon, with Democrats successfully promoting it as a boost for middle-class Americans and Republicans countering in vain that it will only stimulate wasteful government spending.

Let it be clear.   Barack Obama demanded immediate passage of Porkulus.   So two hundred forty-six democrat congresscritters, passed a bill which they never even read.   Porkulus is over a thousand pages long, nobody can read that fast.   The Senate is likely to pass Porkulus as well, and BO will sign the bill into law.  BO demanded immediate action and he got it.   Immediate action demands immediate results.   The moment BO signs Porkulus, Obama own the recesssion.      

I am sure that additional thirteen bucks a week will go a long way.   Howabout you?