Eric Holder, the reprobate who thinks he is Attorney General, has called his country “a nation of cowards.”   Lisa Fristch, National Center for Public Policy Research,, thinks that Holder darn well knows what a coward look likes, as he see one in the mirror when he shaves:

For a black man who just became the nation’s top legal official in an administration headed by a black man, to project racist notions on the rest of America is irresponsible and cowardly.

If there is anything to talk about regarding race in the country, how about that nearly half of black children are missing their fathers?  How about that, although blacks make up 12 percent of the overall nation, they account for almost 40 percent of the prison population (in 2005, as compiled by the Justice Department)?

The most siignificant cause of the black socio-economic disparity is a pathologically defective black culture.   It is a culture from which Holder escaped and of which is too cowardly to address.

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18 Responses to “Eric Holder: Coward”

  1. I think I know what Attorney General Holder is referring to, and I can relate to it; you see, I too, am an educated, fair-skinned, upperly mobile negro, when at one time, I was attending a well-to-do liberal luncheon, when all of a sudden the madam of the mansion held out a toilet plunger and told me to clean the bathroom!

    Well to say I was taken aback and appalled would be an understatement.  I said, “Good Heavens, Madam!, do you think that I am some kind of jive-ass turkey house niggah?!…  So I understand Eric Holder’s rage.

  2. But what has that to do with a defective black subculture?

    Your exemplify what David’s talking about here, by dancing around the issue.

  3. For unfocused rage, you need look no further than the Reverend Al Sharpton.  As for the Attorney General of the United States, I expect more than an pale imitation of Sharpton.

  4. “DEFECTED”, from what!?  Mr. F.
    You’ve got a twisted understanding of the word, “defective”.
    “Defective” things are returned for a refund all the time.  Are you implying that the “black subculture” be returned to they black African masters because they don’t do what they were paid for anymore?!…  Typical Whitey.
    That’s not how it went down, you need to see the movie “Roots”!  In that movie you will see a scene where the African boy and girl are very happy, minding they own business, on their date strolling happily through the jungle; when all of a sudden, a NET, be dropped on them from above.  It turns out it was a trap! Set up by dem honkies!

    So I ask you, Mr. F!  How can you return something YOU stole, and EXPECT to get a refund?!

  5. Re: Eurasmus

    Black culture is pathologically defective as it produces as inferior amount of human capital.

    If your complaint is that some of your antecedents were kidnapped from Africa, that complaint can be remedies by a return to Africa.  Yet, Abraham Lincoln tried that already, and it did not work. I am not in favor or repeating Lincoln’s plan.  Are you?

    As for Alex Haley’s book roots, you find in your your library, in the Fiction section.

  6. The book, ROOTS, is a FACTUAL story, written by Alex Haley, about HIS ancestors and ALL the injustices inflicted on them by they CRACKER-ASS, HONKY-ASS SLAVE-MASSUHZ!!!…  Even euro-centric scholars are willing to acknowledge that fact as a case in point to the irrehensible damage that the institution of slavery can evoke on the family structure base foundation for the development of superior human capitol…  DEAD HONKY!

  7. The problem with attempting to pin the black socio-economic disparity on the residuals effects of slavery, is that it ignore the flowering of black culture circa 1920.

    Roots is a novel, I recognize the need for what Alex Haley attempted, to create a biographical history where there was none.  Alas nobility of intent is not a substitute for sound methods of research.

  8. Every time I knock you out!  You keep popping back up and talking like the professor on Gilligan’s Island!  I think you watch too much cartoons!  And Redd Foxx knows more about the “black culture circa 1920” than you ever will; unfortunately he ain’t here anymore to tell us about it!

  9. Only in your mind, Eurasmus.
    It is far easier it seems to complain, than it is to take the reins, even when someone\’s gone out of their way to hand them to you.

  10. Oh!  It’s Darth Vader again, returning from the darkness!
    Well thanks for bein’ the dad I never had!…
    How could you walk out on my poor black mama?.

  11. Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
    March 7th, 2009 at 18:07

    [deleted spam.  Original comments welcomed – David]

  12. All citizens are suppose to receive equal protection under the law.  The proponents of hate crime argue that members of statutorily protected classes are somehow entitled to more protection.  Your check is in the mail.

  13. Well, regards hate crime laws…

  14. Mama said, you didn’t hate so much when you was bein’ fed chitlins and watermelon in bed.  And then one day you just got up, and left her with an unmade bed full of watermelon seeds and me (a poor white/black boy)…  Nobody knowz the troublz…

    Hey DL!  I Hate crime!  Where’s my check?!  Where’s the “equality” you talk about so much?.

  15. Hey DL! I Hate crime! Where’s my check?! Where’s the “equality” you talk about so much?.

    Ok, name your price to drop your opposition to the concept of hate crime laws?

  16. I’m no sell out; you can tempt me with all the fried chicken and free basketball tickets in the world, but I will NEVER stop Hating crime!…  It’s a matter of principle.  That I am very proud of.

    And as a fellow, educated, light-skinned, upperly mobile negro, I believe Eric Holder will be the same way.

  17. I’m no sell out; you can tempt me with all the fried chicken and free basketball tickets in the world, but I will NEVER stop Hating crime!… It’s a matter of principle. That I am very proud of.

    And as a fellow, educated, light-skinned, upperly mobile negro, I believe Eric Holder will be the same way

    I do believe that if Eric Holder, who signed off on the kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez and the pardoning of Marc Rich, hated crime, the first thing he would do would be to have himself arrested.  If there is anything consistent about Rich it is that he can be bought.

  18. Grandmaster Fidel Castro did more for the cradle of civilization, the mother country of ALL human beings – The one and only – Africa!  Than that racist, President W. Bush done did!
    Brutha Fidel sent soldiers to help keep the power to the few!  The way it sposed to be!…  You the devil Honky!