Michael Calderone is passing on word that Chris “Tingles” Matthews isn’t going to be running for the Senate, after all:

Before “Hardball” today, Chris Matthews informed the show’s staff in a production meeting that he’s not running for Senate, according to a network source.

Matthews’ flirtation with running in 2010 for the Pennsylvania Senate seat held by Arlen Specter has captivated political and media watchers for months.

As Politico reported, Matthews held meetings with political operatives to discuss the possibility of hitting the trail, and looked into housing in the state. Matthews also talked about running with friends, family, and colleagues. Several told Politico that Matthews seemed torn about what to do next.

But recently, the buzz died down a bit in Matthews’ home state.

Several leading Pennsylvania Democratic operatives who recently held serious conversations with Matthews about him running for the Senate hadn’t heard from him in a while.

Yeah, well, big shock. If you’ll recall, I pretty much predicted this outcome when the possibility first arose.  I judged at the time the man isn’t serious about much of anything, and certainly doesn’t have the kind of commitment needed to dive into such a job… on either side of the isle. 2007-09-10-chrismatthewstiereduxBased on Calderone’s story, it looks like those who know him better than I, concur.  Example:

Also, top NBC executives like Phil Griffin publicly raised doubts about him leaving the network, and Matthews’ brother told PolitickerPA this week that he’d be “stunned beyond words” if he ran.

Be glad he’s not running.  Someone with that lack of commitment  (and I mean to suggest a lack of commitment to much of anything at all)  in that kind of a role, will invariably take the easy way out of any problem. That being , throwing tax money at whatever problem presents itself.  That’s true, regardless of party. We’ve seen it all too often before.   And in this case, Matthews and his liberal leanings tend to make that situation even worse.

Of course, that does mean, of course, he’ll still be spreading his manure on the tube for the forseeable future.

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