Cassy Fiano brings good tidings, gender feminists to become extinct:

We’ve all heard the eco-warriors talk about the extinction of mankind as a benefit to the planet. Who cares about humans, Gaia must reign supreme! The latest reason to stop with the babymakin’, though, is because it is SEXIST!!!!!!!!!!

While of course we’re used to the feminist argument that marriage is just legal slavery or rape, I have to admit this was a new one for me – albeit, unsurprising, given how enthusiastic feminists are for meaningless sex and unfettered access to abortions.

As gemder feminists oppose sexism and having children is deemed sexist,  that means gender feminists will no longer bear children, and in generation or so, the world be rid of these pesty gender femists.

Sexism rocks.   Long live the sexists.  Good-bye gender feminists.

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