ramble-gas3aWelcome, one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the ‘sphere… Bitsblog’s Nightly Ramble.

Another cold week in front of us, (The plains states are below Zero as of this morning’s check) but thing are already heating up on the political front. there’s a lot of questions popping up about Obama. Let’s go.

  • Is  “I won” the spirit of bipartisanship we were promised?  Or is a Democrat’s version of ‘bipartisanship’  to read ‘everyone agrees with me’?  Message to Republicans… if you’re in elected office, you won, too, and that means you have a duty to oppose what’s wrong. Loudly, if needed. Get to it.
  • Let’s take an accounting of what we’ve got so far, out of Obama’s promises of transparency. We’ve got lobby types running HHS and Defense. We’ve got a Tax cheat running the IRS. We’ve got a man who is documented as having lied under oath running the  Justice Dept.  One supposes this is transparency since we all know about the goings on.  But is this really an improvement?
  • Let’s start with Holder. As David pointed out earlier… anyone Babs likes that much has serous issues.
  • A couple more examples from Boortz on Friday:
    • Obama throws his support behind a tax cheat slated to be the HMWIC at the Treasury Department and ultimately in charge of the IRS. Please don’t try to pass of that “it was an innocent mistake” on my show. The truth is that when a Republican fail to pay taxes it’s a crime that disqualifies that person for all future government positions. When a Democrat fails to pay taxes it’s just a mistake. Horsesqueeze. This man intentionally evaded taxes, and he got caught. Furthermore … when he did get caught for two years of his tax evasion he wiped his brow and said “Whew .. at least they didn’t nail me for those other two years.” Finally, the day before his nomination, me suddenly realizes his “mistake” and steps up to pay. You’re not buying this nonsense, are you?
    • PrezBo signaled support for the nearly one trillion dollar spending boondoggle being promoted by his party on Capitol Hill. Read the Nuze segment below. This whole Democrat stimulus package is a complete fraud. It will NOT stimulate our economy. It will add to the deficit and pave the way for huge tax increases on the actual achievers in this country in years to come. Someone tell me how funding the arts is going to stimulate our economy.
    • President Obama has, in my humble opinion, transmitted a clear signal of weakness to the Islamic terrorists who want to kill us. You just have to know that these Islamic goons were standing by watching Obama to see just how tough he may be to deal with. What do they see? He’s going to shut down the facility where some of their Islamic killer-compatriots are held, and he’s halting trials of their buds. On what planet does this not send a signal of potential weakness. With this action I believe that President Obama has made America a bit less safe … all to pander to the moonbat-left wing of the Democrat Party.
  • And in response, if you think Obama isn’t worried about talk radio people like Boortz, think again. He’s after anyone who disagrees with him, with everything he has.  I’m telling you, folks… “Localism’ is the new “fairness doctrine” 
  • money-down-toiletWe’re seeing increasing evdience that very little of the huge spending we were told is going for economic recovery will actually go there. Most of it will end up in the pockets of Obama’s vote-fraud pals at ACORN.   
  • We also see that government created jobs for their own sake are not worth the cost, no matter what the likes of Krugman says.
  • We’re being ripped off and lied to, people. Our money has been, and is being poured down the crapper.  And Obama says we’re not supposed to object?
  • On the fifth day of the Obama administration, Senior staffers are being issued federal subpoenas. Well, that seems to fit, doesn’t it?
  • I can’t wait for Obama to go after the church.  Seems to me they’ve got him tagged pretty well. At the moment, we’re running around 3000 abortions a day, mostly minorities. Imagine the outcry if we lost 3000 soldiers per day in the war of terror. Do you suppose there would be an outcry?
  • Meanwhile, Democrat criminality goes unchecked. You can pretty much hold your hand on your butt for a real investigation to happen with Rangel.
  • Notice, please, the government protection being afforded Obama’s aunt.  Given her illegal status, you can imagine why. A bit of an embarrasment, at least. I will guarantee you there’s some illegality on Obama’s part as well. When there’s that much effort to cover tracks, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. Possibly, she knows something about where The Chosen One was really born, huh?
  • We’re in record cold. Yet Al Gore is going to the Senate this week to talk about Global Warming.  Obama is calling for stricter standards on auto emissions…. to combat global warming. He’s also calling for higher cafe standards.Again, to combat global warming. All ignoring of course the actual evdience.  Oh… and if Obama is really concerned about jobs,  and saving the auto indurstries, shouldn’t he be looking at what’s happened to jobs in this country every time the CAFE standards havegone up?  That’s right, kiddies, we lose jobs every time we give into this Gore Squeeze. So, guess where this thing is going now?
  • I note the suppsoedly transparent White House isn’t issuing presser transcripts anymore. Gee, wonder why?
  • Meanwhile, we’re well on our way to nationalizing banks… and everything else with it. Yet, the banks we’re snapping up appear to be using their money for other things. I”ve long since started to wonder who really won the cold war, after all.
  • I do have to say in all fairness, the Obama administration is really coming along. It took even Bill and Hilalry Clinton a full year to look this dirty. They’ve managed to get to that point in less than a week.
  • Missed it by THAT MUCH
    Missed it by THAT MUCH

    It must be said that the more Biden talks about thinking, the more convnced I am that he lacks the ability.

  • As David pointed up last night, there’s a bit of resistance coming from Obama’s own.  The Kennedy Clan may actually end up serving America’s interests after all, if by way of their anger, they expose the nonsense going on among Democrats, here. Interesting, though, that the Kennedy Fifdom had to get challanged for this all to come front and center, isn’t it?
  • Speaking of trampled fifdoms, check MoDo.   Surber isn’t fooled by her complaints and identifies the real issue for Dowd.
  • Steyn understands where liberalism is leading us:

    Great! Surrender in Iraq and I promise to recycle. Let the mullahs go nuclear and I promise to carpool when I go to buy fair-trade coffee. Stand idly by while those goofy foreigners slaughter everyone in Sudan and I promise to sign up for an authentic African-style interpetative dance fundraising event commemorating the Rwandan genocide. It really is that simple!

  • It appears William Kristol   isn’t going to be the token conservative at the New York Times, anymore. Much as I disagree with the man at times, I have no doubt he’s going to be back in our faces in short order. The Times, meanwhile may well  not be in anyone’s face, shortly. And yes, I’d consider that an improvement.

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One Response to “Nightly Ramble:Another Day, Another Dozen Or So Examples of Where Liberalism Gets Us”

  1. Thank goodness! 

    I was afraid that you right wing nut-jobs were going to mostly disappear and be replaced by left wing entitlement greed-heads.

    It’s really good to know that you’re both still vigorously punching the crap out of each other.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think that the rest of us can realistically hope for permanent mutual left wing and right wing punchy brain damage. 

    That would be a bit of a double oxymoron anyway. 

    Rejection?  I would jolly well expect so.