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Gonna get cold up where again this weekend, though it’s nearly 40 at the moment, , in Ontario, NY which is east of Rochester by some 30 miles.

  • James Joyner at OTB notes a mini scandal brewing:

    Taking a page from the Communist Chinese Olympics, the Obama inauguration featured truthy music.  Daniel Wakin blows the doors off this travesty in a NYT exclusive:

    It was not precisely lip-synching, but pretty close.The somber, elegiac tones before President Obama’s oath of office at the inauguration on Tuesday came from the instruments of Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman and two colleagues. But what the millions on the Mall and watching on television heard was in fact a recording, made two days earlier by the quartet and matched tone for tone by the musicians playing along.The players and the inauguration organizing committee said the arrangement was necessary because of the extreme cold and wind during Tuesday’s ceremony. The conditions raised the possibility of broken piano strings, cracked instruments and wacky intonation minutes before the president’s swearing in (which had problems of its own).

    1960s Fidelity Playmaster Tape RecorderJames is correct in that it’s hard to get excited about this one; there was certainly technical reasons for doing it this way… but hell, if you’ve gotta go to these lengths, why do it at all, save for a serious case of ego? And if it’s no big deal, perhaps we owe Jeff Lynne an apology? His band, ELO, was the first, back in 1978 to be accused of lip sync in concerts.  With all that said, I must say additionally, that there is something eminently satisfying in seeing the Obama Coronation being compared to a Milli Vanilli Album.

  •  Message to The Chosen One: Closing Gitmo is a bad idea. Lesson number 73:

    A Saudi man who was released from Guantanamo after spending six years inside the U.S. prison camp has joined Al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen and is now the terror group’s No. 2 in the country, according to a purported Internet statement from Al Qaeda.The announcement, made this week on a Web site commonly used by militants, came as President Barack Obama ordered the detention facility closed within a year.

    Any questions, class?

  • If anyone still works on the assumption Iran isn’t behind Hamas… try actually thinking.
  • Trust me, Glenn, in my neck of the woods that place wouldn’t get above $110k.
  • We’re still waiting for Chris Dodd to release those mortgage documents he told us he’s release last July. Could he be stonewalling us on Countrywide? Yes, he can.
  • So, there are political payoffs involved with the bailout money? Could our Democrats be doing this? Yes, they can.
  • All while giving a pass to what can only be labeled criminal behavior within it’s ranks? Yes, they can.
  • Donna writes me yesterday;

    Pelosi said one of her favorite moments from Inauguration Day was when Marine One lifted off the Capitol grounds, signifying former President George W. Bush’s exit from Washington. “It felt like a 10-pound anvil was lifted off my head,” she said.First of all, from what little I know, anvils weigh in the hundreds of pounds – not “10 pounds”.

    Yeah, I know. I also see Boortz on this today.  Like we needed any further proof her perceptions are out of whack.  And Nancy? That 10lb dead weight on top of your neck? That’s called a head. You’re welcome.

  • Oh and Neal? Like hell, I don’t want to see Solidad OBrien with her Irish up.  I’ve got a news flash for ya, hoss… that’s the best exposure for the nation to how petty the primadonnas in the MSM, CNN among them,  have become. Sorry, what it is.
  • Another example… of that vanity; Does anyone honestly think the arguments inside the beltway over the second pass on the oath of office not being covered by all the wannabees, is anything more than liberal vanity among the Dinosaurs?  Granted, there’s a lot of chatter just now that the honemoon is already over for Obama. On the whole, I don’t think so, though. What we’re dealing with here, is ego. The press, acording to some, is already all over Obama… but look. when there’s a Democrat in the WH, there are seldom hard questions asked so long as the egos of the press aren’t trampled, as they were in this case. They’ll give him all the breathing room he wants so long as that condition is met. It wasn’t, so they start being investigative. Trust me, it’s one of the few times we’ll see such press investigation. Why? Their egos weren’t being stroked on this. It’s that simple.
  • Again: Just shut up and go away, John. You’re neither needed nor wanted. Same goes for yor buddy Kyl.
  • Carbon trading a scam? Say it ain’t so, Al!!!
  • This is multi-culturalism in action.

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