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  • An absolutely amazing day yesterday.  As you will be aware, my newest Pajamas Media Piece went up during the overnight hours.  The comments section when absolutely crazy almost immediately, with comments coming hot and heavy from both sides, with only a slight spurring by myself.   Add to that the usual effects of an Insta-lanche, and all I’m left with is rough guesses as to how much traffic that piece of mine actually generated. My iinitial guess is that at a dollar a pageview, I’d be blogging from a campground in Southern New Mexico, somewhere, right now.  (Nice to know you’re reading, Glenn)   I won’t hide from you that I’m having a blast writing for PJM. Frankly, after eight years of slaving away here, (good as this place has always been…labor of love that it is) and however many years that the various other venues that I’ve been through, it’s something I never thought I’d get the chance to do, writing for the big leaugues.  BBCT, Rick Moran. I owe ya one.
  • I’ll tell you this;  If the comments flowing back and forth on that piece of mine are of any indication, the mistrust of Obama and company is running quite high, indeed.  If anything, the elecion of Obama, far from being a source of unity, has instead served to even more sharply divide us. That, I suspect is at least part of the reason that as Moran points out, Obama’s speech failed to inspire. The speech itself wasn’t bad, as for it’s content of theatre,  but as for his words matching his actions and engendering trust…. not so much. The shadows of mistrust were already hanging over Obama while he made it. It’s hard to be inspired while you’re parsing every word. We just got out of having to do that with Clinton a short while ago, remember?   While Obama has enough (mostly blind, race-based) support just now, even with that sharper split, I fully expect that support to fall off the cliff at some point soon… at the least, prior to the mid-terms of next year.  I further expect that he knows this, too, and so will be in something of a hurry to tug us to the left as much as possible over the next year.
  • IMG_1361That skeptisism of Obama and his words v his intentions did nothing but get amped up when after talking tough to terrorists, then countered his words with his very first move as President; Closing Gitmo, regardless of the consequences.  His words send one message, his actions another. This does not engender trust… either internationally, or among the electorate. As I said to a reader mail last night, on his very first action, he’s already walking dangerously close to the fire.
  • I remarked in the PJM article  about the running claim that Bush was leaving with the lowest approval numbers in many years… and some say in history. Boortz mentions this one today, suggesting  as I did that Nixon and Truman both left with lower, but also brings up the idea that Kennedy’s numbers were crashing, as well. But look, Dinosaurs… don’t let the facts get in the way of a nice backhanded slap at a Republican, huh?
  • Speaking of Neal, he links Variety, who reports that American Idol turned in higher numbers than did the Chosen One’s Inauguration. This in spite of the fact that Obama’s ceremony caught 35 times the coverage Bush’s did. Do you understand this? That amount of effort and he can’t even hold their attention.  Look, gang… I don’t ever want to hear from readers again how Obama got elected because the voters are making informed choices. We are as Neal suggests, and as I and David have said in the past, dealing with a celebrity mentality.. and a cult of personality. That the not-yet celebs drew bigger numbers is perhaps indicative of something Democrats don’t want to talk about at parties, though.
  • I think Jules has this one right.  It would strike me as funny, if it were not so tragic, that these people think they can run my life without mucking it up. And that’s leaving aiside the issue if they should run my life,  even on the assumption they could possibly do it right. As it is, I have no faith at all that they can.
  • You want examples? OK… You may have heard Obama went through the swearing in again, just to make sure there was no legal issues from it being screwed up the first time. Only one problem… nobody had a bible. I’m firmly convinced these morons could screw up a wet dream.
  • Limbaugh is right, gang. If the policy is socialism, it MUST fail, if we are to survive as a country. Understand, this is not about Obama succeeding or failing. It’s about the country succeeding or failing. Socialism has failed eveywhere it’s been tried. As to the chances that hihs policies will not be socialist, Castro ‘believes in Obama’… what do you suppose he’s thinking the chances are? Dick Morris brings the same idea to the table as well.
  • If I’m Turbotax, I’m suing Geithner. Hey, Republicans, why is this tax cheat getting a pass? Time to stand up and be counted. Remember… McCain lost because he wanted to be ‘bipartisan’ and ‘cooperative’.
  • Oh, speaking of tax mess keeping Democrats from political power, shall we discss the tax mess surrounding Caroline Kennedy? Why does it prevent her and not Geithner?

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3 Responses to “Nightly Ramble: Now That the Dust is Starting to Settle…”

  1. This entire post is just plain crap; as a matter of fact, it’s projection. You cannot, and will not, take the traits that define you and assign them to those of us who saw what an unqualified failure the last 8 years have been.

    What do I expect, though? You’re touting the spews of a brain-damaged dope addict.

  2. Thanks for proving my point so well…. Liberalism is a mental disorder. The jury is still out on the question of it being a preventable one.

  3. Roger,

    You need to review the definitions of crap, projection and failure.  After you review that, offer a rebuttal instead of your relativistic nonsense.