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Yes, we’re still trying to shovel out from under the snow, but we’ll carry on with a little wishful thinking. Forgive me, but I tend to dream about getting the camper hooked up and running to the outdoors. Usuualy a few thousand miles away. So….

Ok, anyway, lots going on. Let’s get some of it in.

  • So, if you have an ‘unpopular’ name, you’re more likely to commit crimes?  Hmmm. Let’s see, here. Maybe we’re dealing with the culture behind the kind of name one gets, hmmm?  I mean, just blaming the name seems superficial.
  • The New York Times has an interesting report online last night:

    WASHINGTON —(New York Times)- The capital flew into a bit of a tizzy when, on his first full day in the White House, President Obama was photographed in the Oval Office without his suit jacket. There was, however, a logical explanation: Mr. Obama, who hates the cold, had cranked up the thermostat.

    More energy for me, but thee, so long as the taxpayer is paying for it, eh, Barry?  Beats the hell out of Carter’s sweaters, I suppose, but one really must wonder what Al Gore, the High Preist of Global Frauding would have to say?

  •  An interesting site these days, “The Swing State Project”.  They’re spending some time these days looking at the Senate races for the 09-10 mid-term cycle, and it’s fascinating to watch. One of the key races is Chriss Dodd, who we’re remarked about as being in trouble before, in these spaces. Swing State confirms:

    Chris Dodd’s favorability ratings in his home state have suffered ever since his very unsuccessful presidential run, an undertaking he was never quite able to explain to his constituents – or Iowa caucus-goers, for that matter. Allegations that he got favorable “VIP” loan terms from lender Countrywide haven’t helped.

    Well, yeah, that and the idea that he’s still not released documents he promised would show his innocence in that little matter… and of course the idea that he and his insistance on home loans for people with no business having home loans, was a large part of our current financial crisis. It gets better from there, though.

    What makes this a Race to Watch is the fact that three reasonably strong Republicans could all potentially give it a gander: Gov. Jodi Rell and former Congressmen Rob Simmons and Chris Shays. But Dodd is a powerful fundraiser in a blue state, and no one has stepped up to the plate yet.

    Here’s the thing; With so many banks in serious poop from the recent fallout over the Mortgage issues, one wonders if his ability to raise funds hasn’t been damaged of late. OTOH, with all the federal bailouts, does anyone really have a grip on how much of that federal bailout money will be used for political contributions? And would Democrats really complain if it DID get used for that? Only if, like Blago, they got caught, seems the answer.

  • Speaking of Blago, he showed up to speak to the state reps today at 11 eastern, speaking until 12:30 or so. BAsed on his past behavior, I suspected he was going to use all of his allotted time, and I wasn’t disappointed. He made an interesting point, that I don’t know the answer to; How can he be removed from office based on a criminal complaint that’s not been tried out in a  court of law? All the more reason to think they’re in a hurry to sweep this under the carpet. I’ll tell you this; If Obama was from California instead of Chicago, trust me, they’d be taking their time about giving Bligo the boot. As it is, they’re in a red-faced hurry. You figure out why.
  • Even the FCC commissioners are starting to speak out about the Democrats and their plans to muzzle talk radio.
  • Oh… in case nobody noticed? Shell Oil is posting a loss for this quarter. Yeah, funny, how silent the Dinosaurs ahve been on this one.
  • Boortz points out, today:

    The state of New York is going to lose $1 billion in tax revenue this year. Any guess as to why?? That’s right .. cash bonuses to Wall Street employees decreased by 44% in 2008.When it comes to the city of New York, employees brought home $18.4 billion in bonuses last year. Sounds like a lot .. until you realize that the year before, they brought home $33 billion. That is going to cost New York City $275 million in tax revenue.

    An analysis by the State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says that this is the largest tax revenue percentage decline in over 30 years. The Rich are Wrecking the PlanetBefore the financial crisis, tax revenue from those evil, greedy rich people on Wall Street accounted for 20% of the state’s tax revenues and 12% of New York City revenues.

    So, look; Next time you tell me how the rich aren’t paying their share, remember this one, OK? You campaign against the rich, and that’s all very PC… but what happens when they go away, and the tax base goes away with them?  I’ll tell you what happens. Cuba. Venezuala. And soon, New York.

  • Hey, Al… if you’re really convinced we’re overpopulated, wouldn’t your own suicide be a more effective option?
  • Ya know, perhaps it’s time we decalred open war on nanny-statists?
  • I’ll bet you didn’t know… support for the bill the house passed last night is at a 42% aproval rating… and falling.
  • Charlie Martin strikes again. Remember the nonsense over the White House website? Charlie’s got it covered.

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