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Gonna be a short one today, I’ve got some personal issues today.

  • In answer to some email, I really wish I could have a positive outlook about our immediate future. I really do. But I tend to be driven not by hope, but by fact. I’ve been listing the reasons for this repeatedly in many, many posts, over a period of the last year and more. Sorry that some of you can’t wrap your minds around that one.
  • One of the sore spots for me is Obama’s insistance that he can do both growth and ‘fairness’ at the same time. Forgive me, but economic growth, and the leftist version of ‘fairness’ are oil and water… they simply do not mix. Biggest current example is the economic mess w find ourselves in, which is the direct result of liberals trying to make owning a house abide by their version of ;fair’. The Markets figured that one out, already, too.
  • The Denver Post openly wonders if dissent is still patriotic.
  • Amazing. Not 24 hours after the site was changed, and the local newspapers are already using the graphics from it.  Budwiser, and Coke, and any commercial, image drive operation would call that a good imaging campaign.  If the media did that from, say GWB’s version of, there would be no adopting the kittens the Democrats… and the press… would have.  As it is, it’s clear to me that in the new order, the press’s official function is as Democrat party cheerleaders.
  • Another UN official. Another Kiddie Porn bust. Ho-hum. Nothing unusual.
  • Portland Mayor Sam Adams, also involved in a sex scandal, involvng the mayor and an 18 year old boy. Almost like there was a pattern,  here, or something. Oh, and of course the article doesn’t mention it, so I will… Adams is a Democrat. Pattern there, too, but don’t dare mention that point in public.
  • “I’m serious now: we have to watch out for health care. If they get it, then democracy as we know it is finished.”

    That was Rush Limbaugh, just now, and here’s how dim he is: when they pass universal health care, it will be democracy fulfilled.

    Look, Billy, I know where you’re going with this, but slow down a sec. Your statement seems to assume that there’s enough popular support for government healthcare to get it voted in. Thing is,  I seem to recall a rather serious and resounding ‘no’ from the voters on the subject of  ‘Hillarycare’ as it was called then… and the Clintons were voted in by a wider margin than Obama was. I take that as indictaion of narrower support for Obama policies, including healthcare.  As such, I’ve no reason to think Obama’s going to change that voter resistance anytime soon, which means that the only way government healthcare will be enacted is if the will of the voter is bypassed. And, we both know, the Democrats have a history of doing exactly that at need.

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