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More of that global warming stuff, today. Several inches of it, I hear… and the first batch is already falling. The expected cold snap is going to be longer than they were originally calling for. Now, we’re loking at TWO nights of below zero temps.  Oh, joy, rapture. Oh, well, let’s get to it.

  • Glenn notes the proposal that’s been floating around about an income tax holiday surring the economy better than any other single action the government might take, by quoting Megan McCardle. One of her commenters mentions the showstopper for that proposal:

    The main problem with a payroll tax holiday is that it minimizes Congressional opportunities for graft and larding out goodies to their contributors. That makes it both wise and politically unfeasible, at least until we get a better class of congresscritter.

    Remember what I said about teachable moments, and pointing up the principles involved with them being the thrust of this place? Yep… there ya go. And Glenn notes:

    Uh oh. We’re screwed.

    Gee… No kidding? 

  • And speaking of “See, I told you so’, Obama plans to send 30,000 of our troops to Afghanistan.  Remember yesterday how I mentioned the bit with Dale and how we may have Nazis to fight? See, here’s the thing. Dale’s correct when he says that on a per capita basis, there is no real justification for the amount of effort we put forward in WWII, to be applied to our current situation. That said, when have we not seen Democrats over-managed by crisis calling before? I mean, since when has reality ever had up justification of any excess they wanted? Global warming, for example… hoax that it is, still manages to push us, by way of the left, into reshaping our entire economy. Does anyone think for a minute Obama wouldn’t use the Islamic threat to over-react with spending on any damn thing that moves?
  • At the same time, Obama plans to issue the order to close Gitmo on the first day. Talk about being driven by politics and not reality.  Corners are going to be cut to get this in.  People are going to be released who shouldn’t be so that Obama can have his pound of flesh. The Pentegon tells us it’s happened already, again driven by liberals who let emotion and not logic drive their positions.  I’ll tell you this; A bunch of cats (no, not sea kittens… the real kind) being slowly roasted alive wouldn’t compare to the screaming that will occur when one.. ONE… of the animals Obama proposes to release, show up as part of an attack here in the US… and particualrly if they cause any US deaths.   Note I used the word ‘when’ and not ‘if’.
  • That woman selling her virginity? She suppsoedly got the idea from her sister who did some high dollar prostitution, too. So, forget about presenting this thing as any kind of morality play; it’s already a lost cause, on that level. We’re left with the practical;
    •   First of all, let’s find some proof she’s a virgin.
    • That aside… there’s the money issue.  No question that the girl’s not hard to look at… but look… $3.7 Million? Nobody’s worth that kind of money for one night. Nobody. Particularly someone who by he very definition of  ‘virginity’ doesn’t know what they’re doing. .
    • How are the taxes going to get handled for this? Being this is California, about 2/3rds of it goes to taxes… so the real winner is government. Work on that one for a while… just roll it around.
    • Matter of fact, what about the legalities? Say what you will, but there’s still the hurdle of illegality of sex for morney. Whatever the sum paid.
    • I get the impression she’s going to have to carry a putty knife with her to scrape off the losers looking for a date after this.

    I get the feeling we’re going to be hearing about this for a while, and it’ll come out unlike what’s currently being pushed.I mean, this is so whacked, I can’t help but wonder,  if there isn’t a hoax somewhere behnd this. Like, her trying to make some kind of a societal point about the role of the sexes or something.

  • Out of every evil, some good must eventually come. A case in point is Planned Partenhood layoffs, in the face of the Bernie Madoff scandal. Another is fewer people are getting divorced.
  • A side note on that; Given the amount of funding Madoff was pushing in the direction of the Democrats over the years, does anyone think that following the 20th, he’d have been procecuted at all, for at least the next two and possibly four years? Me, neither.
  •  So, they seated Burris? Dingy Harry must be beside himself, today. Still, he can take solace in the idea that there are money questions dogging Burris, too.  Yet another Democrat with ethics issues. Ho-hum. Go back to your lives, citizens. Nothing to see here.

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