Even the leftards are forced to admit that George W. Bush kept the nation safe.   Dubya may not have been as nice to illegal combatents as the left migbt have prefered, but he kept the nation safe.    Well the one who ran on the mantra of change, plans on scrapping the Bush Adninstration domestic security program,  Peter Baker, New York Times:

WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama is preparing to scrap the way President Bush oversaw domestic security in the White House and name a former Central Intelligence Agency official to coordinate counterterrorism, people close to the transition said Wednesday.

Catch this:

Democrats close to the transition said Mr. Obama’s choice for that job was John O. Brennan, a longtime C.I.A. veteran who was the front-runner to head the spy agency until withdrawing in November amid criticism of his views on interrogation and detention policies. His appointment would not require Senate confirmation.

If Brennan is too fricking toxic to be trusted dealing with foreign terrorists, he too frapping toxic to be trusted to protect the rights and lives of law abiding Ameican taxpayers and citizensSure BO is going to deliver change, but change is no synomous with improvment.    During the Clnton admintration our nation suffered a major terror attack each year.  Now BO busy reassembling the sane team of  idiots that failed to protect us the first time around.

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